Lawyers analyse child’s ‘new room contract’ with 9-year-old sister

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‘Would a Haribo rent be a sensible consideration?’

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A lawyer mum has taken to Twitter to share a funny bedroom ‘contract’ between her son and daughter, and other lawyers have given their thoughts on its “legality”.

Jodi Newton, a medical negligence solicitor at Osbornes Law, tweeted: “Thoughts on the legality of this contract I have found between my 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter concerning an agreement reached about who takes the loft room in our new house?”

The three-clause kiddy ‘contract’ hands ownership of the loft in Newton’s new house to her son, and once signed, her daughter cannot say that her brother does not own it.

Twitter lawyers joked that the typed note had no consideration (“both literally and metaphorically”) or witness and that there may be “some form of duress due to the ages of the parties” involved. One Twitter user wrote: “Would a Haribo rent be a sensible consideration?”

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Other lawyers piled in giving their ‘advice’:

There were further amusing suggestions from lawyers that the children should hold the room as joint tenants or that the daughter should ensure a “transfer undertaking when her brother goes to university (to study law)”. Another Twitter user suggested that they test it in court “with Mummy LJ and Daddy LJ presiding together with the President, Grandma LJ”. Others said that the parents taking up the new room would constitute — cue nerdy contract law joke — “frustration”.

Simon Mallett of KBW Barristers Chambers tweeted: “Unreadable signature — instantly deniable and unclear what is being offered — masterly agreement — they both have a very bright (and worrying) career ahead.”

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Sophie Newton has instructed the tot, tot titans at Greenberg Glusker LLP to unravel this fraudulent compact and sue the living daylights out of little ‘innocent’ Joseph.

We have obtained a worldwide freezer and search order. Proceedings for contempt are imminent.

If Joseph does not settle this he will rue the (very recent) day he was born. We will leave him broken and penniless, much like a CMS trainee.


St Nick

I think the elf on the shelf was in on this. Better get a ne exeat regno before he scarpers on 24 December.



I’ll give you an answer if you send me £10k.



Did her children consent to this contract being published online for other lawyers to laugh at?



It is also insufficiently stamped.



When was the last time you had a land transaction document stamped?


Dave Barrister

Lacking analysis from the aspect of an irrevocable gift of land. Has actual possession taken place? What do we know of donative intent? Truly fascinating stuff.



Not sure which side she acted for but isn’t this a breach of confidentiality? At the very least, publicly sharing this contract must be a breach of data privacy. Get the SRA on the case ASAP!


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