The Beckhams descend on Middle Temple

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Legal connection brings celeb family together

📷 Image by Victoria Beckham on Instagram and Twitter (@victoriabeckham)

Victoria Beckham has posted a Christmas pic of her family at Middle Temple.

In the festive photo, Victoria is pictured with hubby David, sons Cruz, Brooklyn and Romeo (left to right) and daughter Harper, all standing under a Christmas tree decorated with Middle Temple baubles.

Although it was posted on Christmas Day, the photo was taken two weeks prior on the wedding day of Ted Beckham (David’s dad) and Hilary Meredith, a catastrophic injury claims solicitor and visiting law professor best known for acting for members of the armed forces, veterans and their families.

After seeing Middle Temple feature in the snap, Gray’s Inn bencher and management committee member Kirsty Brimelow QC quote tweeted the pic adding that Gray’s needed to ‘up our game’ and ‘#bemorebeckham’.

Much to Brimelow’s relief no doubt, another Twitter user was on hand before long to reveal that David had already visited Gray’s Inn years prior, sharing a picture from Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church Oxford.

Percy and a smiling David Beckham are shown in a selfie together at a Gray’s Inn dinner in 2016. Percy shared this to his Twitter, mentioning that it was ‘good’ to be at dinner in Gray’s Inn with guests including David Beckham ‘amongst others’.

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No A Levels, university degree or middle class background, and Beckham has QCs eating out of his hands.

Brilliant stuff 👏🏻


Beckham went to the school of life. A much better life than some poncy QC dressing up in their little wig could ever live.


Are you from Yorkshire or something?

Bully 4u

Ah Poopert!

That unfortunate incident at school is still not deterring you from coming here.

Remind me, how much was the cleaning bill again?

Nicola Sturgeon

Ever been further north than Highbury & Islington, Rupert dear? Typical tosh from a southern ponce.

Nickola Surgeon

Are you from the south east or something? Typical casual discrimination from someone who has probably never been further north than Highbury & Islington


Of course I have been further north of Islington, you festering turds!

I have been all over the world and probably have more experience of the world than you all do put together!!!

Why do you think it’s OK to mock my NAME? Would you do that with someone who had a funny sounding foreign name? No! So why is it OK because I’m British and middle class???


QCs are quite happy to deal with what you may regard as the lower orders if the price is right.


Beckham hit the jackpot in life.
Talent – believe me whatever you think about ‘football’ as a talent in terms of statistics , making it as a pro – especially at the biggest of clubs and winning the highest domestic and continental honours that he has is far more difficult than making it as a ‘top lawyer’. He is arguably the best RM England produced ever and arguably the best crosser, long field passer and set piece clutch specialist of all time. Beckham was a marvellous player.

Wealth – He’s about to get paid 150million for being the face of the Qatar WC. That itself is more than any lawyer. However deplorable you may find that he is willing to represent an ‘objectionable’ country, and all the trappings of Gulf Oil money, tell me if lawyers come out with any cleaner hands in this regard.
Status – internationally known. He doesn’t need anything else. Hangs around with A-listers and is considered sporting royalty.

He made whilst playing and still makes more a week , twice thrice over in fact, than any ‘Kirkland Balla’* on this site makes a year.

He ‘won’ in life.

Oh and he’s a working class East London boy to boot.

He may not be considered very ‘intelligent’ like those big mouth QCs but it takes immense shrewdness to carefully cultivate a lasting brand and public persona to bring in the tens of millions as he has done.

*Insight Day attendee, A-level students Workshop

Only on LC will you get weird, jealous, classist insecure haters.

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