8 New Year goals law students have already given up on

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New year, same me 💁‍♀️

With 2022 barely three weeks in, we’ve hit what is said to be the most depressing day of the year: Blue Monday.

With a combination of post-Christmas blues and cold wintry nights, it’s no wonder most people have already given up on the goals they so earnestly set just last month. And so can you really blame law students for giving up on these eight goals already?

1. Go to every lecture

A 9am lecture is still a 9am lecture — even if it’s on Zoom and you don’t actually have to go anywhere… Hey, no judgment from us here!

2. Spend more time in the library

Going to the library is just long; you have to leave your room and walk in the cold to get there. Bed on the other hand… Plus, who needs hard copies when you now have access to all your reading material online?

3. Start writing essays on the day they’re set

When you leave it until the last minute, you’re older and therefore wiser, right?

4. Reference as you go

It’s fine, referencing isn’t that hard anyway. Let’s just hope the browser with all your tabs open doesn’t crash near deadline day.

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5. Research TCs

You may have aimed to know at least two firms on your list inside and out by this point but that’s okay — there’s always the Legal Cheek Firms Most List to help you catch up!

6. Drink less coffee

Don’t know what’s stronger — a coffee addiction or the feeling of regret over not being able to kick the habit…

7. Get more sleep

Always being sleepy doesn’t always translate into being able to get more sleep. How can you with so much reading to do?

8. Have fun

Is that even possible?

Honestly, we don’t blame you — sticking to your goals for 2022 is hard but if you’ve still managed to stick with even one, good job and good luck!

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