A law student’s 12 New Year’s resolutions

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New year, new me 💁‍♀️

As 2022 arrives, many law students will set out to make those New Year’s resolutions in the hope of creating positive changes — and let’s face it, many of us could do with some extra positivity right now!

So with this mind, Legal Cheek has compiled its top 12 law school resolutions to ensure your 2022 gets off to a strong start.

1. Go to every lecture

Yes, even the dreaded 9am ones and even if it takes 4 cups of coffee to get there.

2. Actually do all the prep!

That includes getting all the required and recommended reading done, as well as all the bonus quizzes. Westlaw, here I come!

3. Consolidate your work

Note to self: In 2022, I will make sure I have typed up all of my notes after every lecture and seminar instead of leaving it till a few weeks before the exam. I’ll even know the difference between Miller 1 and Miller 2 and put together a list of case summaries.

4. Spend more time in the library

While it’s so tempting to work from the comfort of your bed, going to the library helps to separate uni life from personal life. You don’t really want to have pre-drinks where you’ve cried over equity and trusts for hours.

5. Make use of your lecturer’s office hours

We’ve all been there… There’s two days to go to your contract law exam and your lecturer has just hinted that promissory estoppel will be coming up, but you’ve never heard that phrase in your life. In 2022, this will not happen again!

6. Start writing essays on the day they’re set

If you’re a last-minute essay writer, give yourself a break in 2022!

7. Reference as you go

There’s no point starting your essays on the day they’re set if you leave all your referencing until the day it’s due.

8. Get more sleep

With all that extra time from starting your essays early, you can afford to have fewer late night study sessions and get the recommended 8 hours sleep this/next year.

9. Drink more water and less coffee

The 4 cups of coffee to get me to my 9am lectures don’t count, right?

10. Take up pro bono

Do good for the community and do good for your CV!

11. Get some more applications in

It’s the start of 2022 and it’s not too late to get some more applications in. Make a list of all the TC and vac scheme deadlines that haven’t closed yet and apply to them (well, the ones for firms you actually want to work for). You can make a colour-coded calendar or just use Legal Cheek’s Key Deadlines Calendar.

12. Have fun!

They say your uni days are some of the best of your life — don’t get so wrapped up in all the exams, applications and deadlines.

You’ve got this!

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