Akin Gump ups NQ lawyer pay to £159k

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£12k bump

Akin Gump has increased remuneration for its newly qualified (NQ) lawyers in London by 8%, from £147,000 to £159,000.

The Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2022 shows Akin’s NQs are now among the highest paid in the City, with only a few outfits including Fried Frank (£160,000) and Goodwin Procter (£161,500) dishing out more.

The salary increase to £159,000 (or $215,000) is backdated to 1 January 2022, and has been calculated using a conversion rate of £1 = $1.3553. This rate is applicable until March.

Those further up the ladder are cashing in too. Lawyers with one and two years post qualification experience (PQE) are set to earn £166,000 and £184,000, while those with three years PQE will now earn £217,000.

The 2022 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

These uplifts comes less than four months after the US outfit boosted trainee pay to £57,500 and £62,500 for first and second years respectively.

The firm offers around six training contracts in its London office each year, and received A* grades for quality of work and perks in our latest Trainee and Junior Lawyer survey.

Elsewhere, it’s rumoured that Skadden has increased NQ rates to £157,000. The firm declined to comment. Trainees at the firm currently earn £50,000 in their first year and £55,000 in their second.

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With an average finish time of 19:50?

Summin aint right!



That isn’t even an average finish for the firms receptionists or PAs…


Kirkland NQ

If they’re anything like me, knocking off that early just means conference calls via Bluetooth in the Lambo, followed by logging in when I get back to the Chelsea townhouse. Not complaining though, those PE deals won’t smash themselves.



These extremely repetitive comments are starting to give me a feeling that you are a bot…



Or a cretin.


Kirkland NQ

Sometimes I wonder why I come here to share my wisdom. Then I remember all the laughs I get reading the jealous comments like these. Thanks for this guys, keep it up! I’m off for a nice glass of vintage Krug then back to the PE deal smashing.



Swear they’ve been an NQ for around 3 years now so they’re obviously not very good 😉


Gordon G

With the FX reset next month this will move to GBP164k, potentially more.



Should’ve voted for Jeremy Corbyn…


Where's the Kirkland Deal Monster at?

Akin BUMP!!!


Defeated Associate

I have lost any slim hope I held for Dentons. Salary-wise they are now £10-15k below mid market. Time to dust of the CV.


Fact spitter

Dentons has always been a sweatshop.



Likewise for Pinsents!





Mrs G


No “Run, Forrest…” joke?

Standards are slipping!


MC transactional associate

Waaaaaaah!!!!! 😭😭😭



Their silence, along with several other US firms, on the Russia/Ukraine situation should tell you all you need to know TBH. There’s some questionable work within all top firms, sure, but at the moment I personally am not interested in working in said US firms seemingly in support of Russian oligarchs and Putin…



Not sure why my comment highlighting their silence on Russia/Ukraine hasn’t been accepted… they’re still acting for all their clients. Disgusting. Although tbh it’s all over TheLawyer so people will see it anyway 🙂


MC associate

Wonder when the MC will release their hands from their pockets


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