‘Can I spend the next year unemployed now I’ve secured a training contract?’

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One future trainee worries the gap on her CV could be ‘detrimental career-wise’

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one training contract holder questions whether spending the next year unemployed will harm her career.

“I’m starting my training contract in 2023 and I’m wondering if it might be looked down on by my firm / other firms in the future if I spend the time from now until the LPC / TC unemployed. I recently quit my old job and I was thinking of traveling for a bit and enjoying the free time I’ll have before the real work begins, but I’m not sure if having that gap on my CV might be detrimental career-wise. An option I was also considering is doing the New York bar between now and then. Would that perhaps be seen as ‘bridging’ the gap in an employer’s eyes?”

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