LinkedIn removes lawyer’s post calling for ‘pre-emptive nuclear attack on Russia’

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Widespread shock at Sham Uddin’s comments

LinkedIn has taken down a lawyer’s post calling on Western states to “launch a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Russia”.

Sham Uddin, a barrister (and entertainer) best known for his eccentric posts on LinkedIn, told his 6,700+ followers that he is “convinced Putin is going to go for the nuclear option”.

Continuing, Uddin, who goes by the ‘Bengal Tiger’ on the professional networking site, advised word leaders to push the button: “The West must launch a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Russia first. A man who does not care about his own citizens he ain’t gonna care about the citizens of rest of the world.”

“If I was in charge I would launch a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Russia tonight,” he declared.

Uddin’s post has since been removed by LinkedIn for going against the site’s “professional community policies on violence”. “I did not delete it,” he told Legal Cheek. “LinkedIn restricted the post only I can view it.”

The website’s guidance says content should not “threaten, incite, or promote violence” and must be “professionally relevant” and contribute to the community in “a constructive manner”.

The message Sham Uddin received from LinkedIn
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Uddin’s political pointers failed to gain traction among his large following, with the head of compliance at the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority speaking out against it. “If your solution is to go straight to nuclear, thankfully you aren’t in charge,” said Lee Anderson. “It is a truly terrible option with no positive outcomes.”

Other LinkedIn users had suggested the bold move would prompt retaliatory nuclear attacks.

Returning fire, Uddin reassured: “Not all humankind will be destroyed and the planet will remain intact.”

“But we cannot allow a man with a nuclear weapon to terrorise the world,” continued Uddin in the comment section beneath the now-private post. “We are all going to die one day it’s better to die fighting for just cause then to die in the hands of a coward and a terrorist.”

Uddin is no stranger to the pages of Legal Cheek, having made headlines in January 2019 for toting a “flashy” Ferrari in a promo video for his chambers and months later for his war of words with a former magic circle lawyer.

Russian forces last night seized control over Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, Zaporizhzhia, in Ukraine. In a statement this morning, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the “reckless” attack and warned it could “threaten the safety of all of Europe”.

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Major Kong

Rally up the troops, cardboard on the windows, let’s go! One-stop ticket to nuclear annihilation please. Ding ding!



Please stop giving him the attention that he so desperately craves.



A total prat and disgrace to the bar. He would rather kill millions of innocent civilians than propose simply taking out the man behind all this


SAS Fast Track Stream

I’m sure Sham will be such a brave and manly hero, being the first guy to sign up for combat operations after any nuclear attacks.

So much cooler and sexier than lawyering behind a computer screen.


Just Anonymous

If attention-seekers were worth any attention, they wouldn’t have to so desperately seek it.



“We are all going to die one day it’s better to die fighting for just cause then to die in the hands of a coward and a terrorist.”

I didn’t know you can die twice.



Just to be clear, he advocates destroying entire Russian cities, killing tens of millions, based on a hunch?

Just in case anyone tries to twist my words – to clarify, I am pro nuclear deterrent. Just not pro pre-emptively levelling cities



He’s advocating more than that.

Russia will retaliate if we attack. There’s no way to stop them. Thus, a call for a first strike is literally a call for the end of civilisation as we know it.


Scouser of Counsel


If we did that we would be getting one back in return.

Pressing the nuclear button is suicide.

We need nukes as a deterrent because the other side have them.

Any sane leader would never press the button first.


Doctor Doom

Seriously now.



Who? Bengal what?


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