LinkedIn row: Former magic circle lawyer slams barrister’s TV entertainment show

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Sham Uddin’s online exploits show he has ‘no regard or respect’ for his own legal career, says ex-Allen & Overy solicitor Melanie Daniels

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A former magic circle lawyer has taken to LinkedIn over the weekend to criticise the creative exploits of a barrister.

Posting to LinkedIn on Friday, Birmingham-based lawyer Sham Uddin said he was nearly mugged earlier that day — or so he thought — when he was approached by two hooded-men outside his home. Continuing, Uddin goes on to reveal that the two mystery men were not muggers at all but fans just wanting to say hello.

Responding to the barrister’s story, ex-Allen & Overy solicitor turned social media expert Melanie Daniels referred to an episdoe of If You Dont Mind, a TV show presented by Uddin and which aired on NTV Europe, a channel “for the Bangladeshi community worldwide”.

The half-hour show sees Uddin, who describes himself on LinkedIn as a “Solicitor, Barrister, Share trader, Writer, Actor & presenter”, perform several musical numbers and, at one point, sport a blonde wig and false teeth.

Taking a pop at Uddin, the former commercial property specialist (screenshot below) said: “[W]ith videos like these, you clearly have no regard or respect for your legal career or professional reputation. Shame as you doubtless put effort in to qualify. What a waste.” Hitting back, Uddin said: “Innit. Your comments touch my heart”, before adding: “I don’t know this person, never interacted with her in any way before.”

Returning fire, Daniels, who left A&O in 2003 and now lives in Switzerland, claimed Uddin’s profile was brought to her attention as an example of “another total twit on LinkedIn ruining the platform”. “As I am now getting your poor quality followers all trying to connect with me, wish I’d never commented”, she added.

Several back-and-forths later, Uddin made a further, seperate post, this time urging fans to “enjoy” content and to refrain from making “offensive comments”, along with a rather fetching painting of a Bengal tiger. He continued: “The tiger & it’s [sic] connections on Linkdin [sic] will take you out of your lair & will not show you mercy.”

Daniels declined to comment, while Uddin didn’t respond to our requests for comment.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time Uddin has graced the pages of Legal Cheek. Most recently, the barrister came under fire for using a Ferrari to help promote his new chambers. While some applauded the use of the flashy red motor, one LinkedIn user wrote: “I think this moron should be put out of business completely!!!”

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You tell ’em Sham. This Lancashire Bear won’t take it lying down either.



Tom, do you think trawling social media for half-interesting (at best) stories is journalism? I know it’s not retention rate season, but that’s all you do lately. Please put in more effort.



Doing something else would require a functioning brain, which Tommy doesn’t have



She sounds like a total tool, no doubt trying to raise her own media profile by riding on his coattails …



Trained at a&o and left a year after qualifying, hardly a long timer.



Lettuce beef real tea, they both sounds like bellends.


Syllable Hour

TBH, he’s no worse than many barristers on Twitter who expose the cringeworthy minutiae of their shopping habits, London restaurant outings and even their young children’s lives on the platform for anyone to look at.

Do you really think these people would turn down the chance for a TV show if they were offered it?


Tom’s Schedule

10.40: arrive at work. Peruse job vacancies.

1pm: review rollonfriday/social media for interesting articles

2.30pm: post article.

2.31pm: review and aggressively delete comments wittier than brain can understand.



Good point well made.



Interesting, I note he states he is a Barrister a search of the BSB Barristers Register reveals there is indeed a Shamsu Uddin registered but curiously the primary practice address listed is 10 King’s Bench Walk. A search of that Chambers website shows no Shamsu Uddin listed. Curioser and curioser…



That awkward moment when there’s more evidence of journalism in the comments section than there is in the actual article.



Twitter spats are not news. It is gutter trash filler when no real news exists. In the old days a junior would be sent to retrieve wills lodged at court by recently deceased celebrities in the hope of cobbling together an article. This is so lazy and doesn’t involve leaving a chair.



*yawn* so why isn’t she targetting other people who make comedy videos for entertainment purposes like Eve Cornwell? a MC future trainee solicitor? making ariana grande song parodies and being addicted to coffee? just because this bitter woman doesn’t have a personality does not mean other people have to abandon their personality too



U no bruv cos like Eve is a queen

Don’t forget to like and subscribe and click the notification bell.



The sad thing is, people like Eve get the personality drummed out of them by the end of their MC TC.



‘No respect for the profession’.

Give me a frickin break. I am no fan of Uddin, in fact I detest the man in many ways. I’d rather spend 24 hours alone in an elevator than watch any of his videos.

But what the frick has his appearing on a ‘comedy’ tv show got to do with the ‘profession’ or his status in it?

Call him a clown. Call him a buffoon. Call him worse. But this sanctimonious s*** about the profession is why lawyers are such dullards.

A lawyer can very well do things other than lawyering you know. Often (though admittedly not in this case) it can even make them interesting.



Well, she left the UK for Switzerland so clearly has no respect for us.



Her description of his “sketchy language skills” is arguably knocking on the racist door and peering through the window (if not, technically, charging through it)…



Have you seen the number of typos and grammatical errors in his posts?



Is Greenberg Glusker a top firm?






Can someone please explain to me why the men and women in the audience are sitting apart?

I’m assuming it is because many of the men arrived late and those were the only seats left?


BAME Person

Most Bangladeshis are Muslim. Culturally, Muslims prefer to sit with members of their own sex at social gatherings.

You will find separate seating for men and women at Muslim wedding receptions, mosques, aqeeqahs (celebrations for the birth of a child) and at formal events hosted by Islamic governments.



Ok. Thanks.



Is it just me or does this practice seem incredibly sexist?


BAME Person

I can appreciate that to someone with a Western/Christian upbringing, this cultural practice can seem sexist.

If you were raised within the Islamic faith, you would literally not know anything different at mosques and social gatherings.

It’s not possible to miss what you’ve never had.



Next you’ll be telling us children shouldn’t learn that some people have same sex relationships.

BAME Person

Nope, because I’ve grown up in the UK with friends who came out at school and amongst people from all backgrounds.

I can no more hide homosexuality from my children as I could hide people themselves. There are an enormous number of younger people within the Muslim community who are highly critical of what they are told v what they see for themselves.

The older members of the community can have their hissy fits. The tantrums never stop any Muslim from being gay or finding out for themselves how great other communities are.


In such settings is a trans person required to sit with members of their birth gender or their new gender?

Also, what is the provision for LGBTQ+ at such events?


BAME Person

Great question. I’ll assume you mean from the South Asian Islamic perspective? Trans people have historically been treated as intersex (as neither completely male or completely female). From a legal perspective in South Asia, trans is now a third sex on passports. Look into Hijras; Colonial Brits found the spiritual respect for trans people to be abhorrent centuries before any debate on trans spaces arrived back home.

Because there isn’t an acceptance that you become male or female through pronouns/language use/SRS, a trans person would be viewed by the community as the sex they were born into. It is a reason why some people leave Islam and cut ties with their families.

Those who identify as third gender seem to freely move between male and female spaces at social gatherings. You will not find that same group of men in the photo watching a female Bangladeshi singer, but they would watch a Hijra sing (a bit like the Western equivalent of watching a drag act).

Remember that to these people, it’s normal. You do things too that someone who is not from the UK may find very weird. I personally don’t judge either way.



How very progressive.

An ICM poll conducted for Channel 4 in 2016 found that over 50% of British Muslims in the representative sample surveyed thought that homosexuality should be illegal in Britain.

Do you think that this has changed radically in the last 3 years?

Kestrel Shelby-Body

This site sinks to a new level every time I visit.



This man is a complete joke.



Imagine still being on Linked In, though. I bet they’ve both got pagers and fax machines too.



Got to love a social media activist’s:

LinkedIn shaming is still a thing in 2019 *rolls eyes


Proud Brexiteer

If you read some of his previous posts, some people have actually been overtly racist. Perhaps he is referring generally to that.



Smalling and Jones


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