KPMG reveals plans to double UK lawyer headcount

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Targets extra 220 solicitors by 2024

Accountancy giant KPMG has announced plans to double the size of its UK legal arm over the next three years.

KPMG will look to take on a further 220 lawyers by the end of 2024, which will include 45 partners and directors and increase the total number of practicing solicitors to over 400.

In 2018, the Big Four player said it had ambitions to grow its global lawyer headcount to over 3,000 within the “next few years” and today’s announcement seems to be a step in that direction.

Nick Roome, head of KPMG Law in the UK, said:

“The UK legal services market is growing and evolving rapidly. Technology is disrupting the market and clients are changing the way they buy legal services. As business leaders, in-house counsel and high net worth individuals face a myriad of complex issues, there is a real drive towards quality counsel that’s empowered by cutting-edge technology and is thoroughly integrated with other advisory services. This connected approach is a key principle that has shaped our vision for KPMG Law and has made our practice a critical element of KPMG’s future growth strategy.”

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KPMG first entered the legal market with 50 lawyers, including 4 partners, in October 2014 when it secured alternative business structure (ABS) status. This allows it to undertake reserved legal services in the UK, namely rights of audience, conduct of litigation, reserved instrument activities, probate activities and administration of oaths.

All Big Four players have made inroads into the legal services market, with PwC being the first to receive ABS status in January 2014. EY followed suit in December 2014, with Deloitte joining the trio in June 2018.

In 2020, KPMG revealed it had teamed up with BPP Law School to launch a 27-month route into the profession that sees rookies complete the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE).

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Private Practice Rocks

Seriously who is genuinely enticed at working in-house at an accountancy practice?


Kid Next Door

Me if it’s a 9-5 gig


Stating the obvious

From my reading of the article KPMG Law is an ABS and isn’t an ‘in-house’ practice as it’s lawyers service external clients. An in-house lawyer would perform legal work directly for their employer.



It’s not in-house, it’s private practice client work…



Dumb comment. It’s for the law firm arm, not in-house.


Optimistic Gentleman

Today I have revealed my plan to be a Slaughters partner at 2PQE


Being real

Me if it’s 9-5 gig and pays at least 70k+


Show me da money

Anyone have any detail on what they’re actually planning on paying? I work in a practice area where I regularly have to collaborate with external non-legal experts. Would have thought doing this all under one roof could be a good money spinner for the Big Four…


Sex & Violins

The synergies are probably good, particularly on complex restructuring or tax issues, as it means having it all under one roof means you don’t lose any business, everyone is using the same processes etc. Theoretically its a good model, but they’ll have to pay well to attract the talent they need, and in accountancy land the Big Four are infamous for not paying as well as they need to.


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