Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to launch a ‘hardcore litigation department’ filled with ‘streetfighter’ lawyers

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Tough enough?

Elon Musk (credit: Duncan.Hull via Wikimedia Commons)

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has unveiled plans to create a “hardcore litigation department” to help defend the electric vehicle giant against lawsuits — and he’s looking to staff it with “hardcore streetfighters”.

Announcing the plans through a series of tweets on Friday, the outspoken billionaire said aspiring Tesla lawyers must submit three to five bullet points “describing evidence of exceptional ability” as well as “links to cases you have tried”.

Musk said the new legal team will “initiate & execute lawsuits” and “report directly to me”.

He went on to say that so called “white-shoe lawyers” — a grouping that is broadly analogous to the UK’s magic circle — need not apply, before warning: “There will be blood.”

“My commitment: We will never seek victory in a just case against us, even if we will probably win. We will never surrender/settle an unjust case against us, even if we will probably lose”, Musk shared on Twitter.

But one big question remains: are there any plans to launch a training contract programme? We’re still awaiting a response…

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That TC tweet is without a doubt some of the worst ‘banter’ I’ve ever seen..

Now I know where Kirkland NQ gets it from, just like his parents..


My Grandad’s big toe.

To be fair the Tweets from Musk are also cringe.

Does he think he’s giving some sort of Braveheart-esque speech?


Already Exists

Isn’t this just Quinn Emanuel?


Based Elon

This beats any job in BigLaw if it includes stock options 📈 💵


Commercial Awareness

Unlikely to get a job in biglaw if you aren’t aware of how badly TSLA is doing…



Thanks a lot for the info and underhanded comment your Highness, the Inter Galaxy Commercial Awareness Competition 2053/54 Winner !!!

If you’re so great with commercial awareness, you’ll also know that stock prices go up and down with what us humans call “time” ⌛


Hello fresher


The phrase “Commercial awareness” is something you forget about after getting a TC.

You’ll realise one day.



Tesla pays well below market, especially for the US.



I want mediumlaw far less sweaty.



Didn’t Eddie Stobart do something similar?

I don’t know about legal services; but in a motorway collision my money would be on the truck rather than the Tesla.


Litigator who is sick of litigators

Litigators have big enough egos as it is. They think they are the intellectual SAS. Please don’t refer to them as streetfighters as well.


Don O'Hew

Yes, filling in template precedents, collating bundles and being there mainly to grind out stupid hours ahead of the all hallowed closing requires a vast IQ, deal-monkey.



“We will never seek victory in a just case against us, even if we will probably win”

Aaaaaaand watch as Elon then declares that there are no just cases against Tesla, so this “commitment” just becomes that they will never settle anything ever. Also, what the hell does “directly execute and initiate” mean??

“Hardcore streetfighters” also just sounds like a fancy way of saying unethical hacks…



Streetfighters? Looking forward to seeing Chun-Li doing her ‘spinning bird kick’ to take out the opposition.



Musk is a moron of the highest order…… you can smell the bull with him….. have you seen the shape of the new HGV….. my two month old grandson could do better than that…… his world will come crashing down one day when everything implodes…..


StreetFighters LLP

You do realise that you can’t criticise the richest guy in the world, right?

Please provide details so we can serve process on you.


Paul Watchman

When you publish your 8th law book, are a litigation partner in a Magic Circle law firm or leading Barrister, written best-selling books, and are given international awards and global recognition for your legal work like Philip Sand QC you can crow. Meanwhile be more Boris-liked and be humble and read East West Street.


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