RPC increases trainee pay in London and Bristol

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City rookies to earn £48k

RPC has boosted trainee solicitor pay in both London and Bristol by up to 10%, it has confirmed to Legal Cheek.

The firm has raised year one City trainee pay to £44,000, up 10% from £40,000, while its year two trainees will receive £48,000 — an uplift of 9% from £44,000.

Rookies based in the Bristol office will also receive an extra £2,000, or 5%, boost with year one rates increasing to £37,000 and year two rates moving to £38,000.

These rises will take effect from this September.

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A firm spokesperson told Legal Cheek:

“In what is a constantly evolving market, we regularly review our pay approach. This review, undertaken every year and currently ongoing, looks at remuneration across all levels and parts of the business, including the remuneration of trainees.”

The news comes some two months after the firm announced improvements to newly qualified (NQ) pay, which sees its most junior rookies earn up to £85,000 in the commercial group and up to £80,000 in the insurance division.

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Kirkland NQ




Pretty tidy


Future Trainee

@Clyde&Co Your move…



Clydes and RPC can be summed up in one word-Grim. Go SC or above or go home imo.



Lets see Dac beachcrofts move if any!!!!!



What is grim about it? Nice places to work and still have decent clients/work. I’d say it is the opposite of grim – more realistic expectations on hours targets means you aren’t a desk slave.



Hehe absolutely. You are grim for training somewhere with lower pay for 2 years 🙁 grim grim grim ! How’s that complex treating you





A vested interest

Links / AO NQ rise where. Are. You.


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