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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Suella Braverman has devalued her office [Prospect]

David Gauke: How the Tories lost their way [New Statesman] (free, but registration required)

Guest post by Joanna Hardy-Susskind: Attrition [The Secret Barrister]

The next Prime Minister [Law and Policy Blog]

SLAPPs may be slapped down [A Lawyer Writes]

The big idea: should we have a ‘truth law’? [The Guardian]

Applications are open for the Legal Cheek September UK Virtual Law Fair 2022

Crypto: Everything the Law Firm Managing Partner Needs to Know [Bloomberg]

‘I’m a barrister who happens to be on television; not the other way round’ [The Times] (£)

What is an NFT? [The IPKat]

After Roe: Recognising the importance of reproductive rights in England and Wales [Legal Cheek Journal]

Jonathan Sumption and Kate O’Regan on whether Britain needs a written constitution [Prospect]

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