Clifford Chance retains 42 of 50 autumn qualifying trainee solicitors

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Score of 84%

Clifford Chance’s London office

Clifford Chance has become the second member of the magic circle to confirm its retention score for the autumn 2022 season, with 42 of its 50 final-seat trainees sticking around post-qualification.

The firm, which provides around 95 training contracts each year, received 46 applications and made 42 offers. As with previous years, CC did not provide details of the practice areas or offices the trainees will qualify into.

The Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2022 shows its latest recruits will start on a recently improved base salary of £125,000, up from a year two trainee rate of £55,000.

The 2022 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

All soon-to-be-associates are on permanent deals.

Today’s results marks a notable improvement on its autumn 2021 score, which saw the firm retain 37 of its 53 newly qualified associates — or 70%.

Freshfields is the only other member of the MC to confirm its score so far, recording a rate 89% (32 out of 36).

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Average Pay War Enthusiast

Much better than the previous retention score, curious to see how much of this was due to the increased NQ salary? Even more curious to see the retention scores for Links and A&O!



They’ll be high, the qualification process kicks off a good way ahead of qualification dates so before all this latest batch of news, and in any event, a bird in the hand and all that – far better to take the job that’s on offer and then look to move soon-ish afterwards if you really care about money.



Yep, qualifying and then leaving after 6 months is much better than leaving on qualification – it proves on your CV that you were offered a place. Exodus will happen around Jan/Feb probably.



I’m not very clued in here – 84% is good??



Pretty good yes, though not perfect obviously. Seem to have an odd few not apply for an NQ role (US or in-house roles likely) and then a small few who didn’t cut it to receive an offer – it happens.



Bro get a life you keep commenting under the same alias on every single article

We get it, you enjoy the pay war


Average Pay War Enthusiast

I’m actually a female. That’s sexist.


Latham NQ




Goodwin about to reclaim its crown… 🤑🤑🤑


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