Lawyers ranked amongst the worst kissers in the UK

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By William Holmes on


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A survey of 2,000 people ranking which professions are the best kissers in the UK has put lawyers in the bottom three.

Accountants shocked the field with nearly a quarter of respondents rating them as Britain’s best kissers, beating out doctors/nurses (19%), engineers (14%) and chefs (10%). Just 5% backed lawyers smooching abilities, with only bankers (3%) and civil servants (2%) getting a lower share of the vote.

Perhaps lawyers’ infamously slippery tongues have lost their appeal in recent times! This is not the first damning report the profession has witnessed, with lawyers also failing to impress in a recent ‘best lovers’ survey.

Kissers ranked from best to worst

Top 5:

1. Accountants (best)
2. Doctors/nurses
3. Engineers
4. Teachers
5. Waiters/chefs

Bottom 5:

5. IT workers
4. Estate agents
3. Lawyers
2. Bankers
1. Civil servants (worst)

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