RPC records 100% autumn trainee retention rate

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All 14 rookies secure NQ roles

RPC’s London office

RPC has confirmed it will retain all 14 trainee solicitors due to qualify this September, handing the firm a perfect 100% retention score for the autumn 2022 season.

The firm’s new associates will join departments including commercial & banking litigation; commercial, technology & outsourcing; IP & technology; professional & financial risks; and construction (insurance).

The Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2022 shows those in the commercial group will start on a recently uplifted salary of £85,000 while their counterparts in the insurance division will receive £80,000. NQs in Bristol earn £56,000.

The 2022 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

RPC partner and training principal Parham Kouchikali said:

“We are delighted that all of our September qualifying intake will continue their career at RPC. The enviable 100% retention underscores not only the quality of our trainees, but the investment we are making at the firm in supporting and developing early talent and helping them achieve their ambitions.”

This time last year the firm posted a retention score of 86%, with 12 of its 14 final-seat trainees staying put.

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Meme firm.



Lool y does everyone hate on RPC



Bunch of beef heads. RPC is great.


Truth teller

Good luck to the NQs. 85k is actually a decent amount. People forget 85k used to be MC level not too long ago.



yeah… in 2017… 5 years ago…



The difference between £85 k and MC level is 25 -30 k.

That’s really not gonna make much of an impact if you’re looking to buy in London. Particularly after tax …


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