Baroness Hale spotted at Edinburgh Fringe

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Ex-Supreme stops for selfie 🤳

Credit: @AgentRipley (Twitter)

Baroness Hale has been spotted at Edinburgh Fringe.

The former Supreme justice, who retired from her role as President of the top court at the beginning of 2020, was snapped by criminal defence solicitor and Fringe performer Abigail Rolling.

Rolling, whose sixty-minute act goes by the title of Shit Lawyer, tweeted: “After 12 consecutive sold out shows Baroness Hale wanted to pick my #shitlawyer brains on an obscure legal point (occupational hazard). My pleasure m’Lady.”

It is unclear whether the Baroness attended the show which Legal Cheek previously reported would feature anecdotes, jokes and legal conundrums from Rolling’s time on the front line. She also promised to expose “in heart wrenching detail” the impact decades of underfunding and neglect has had on both criminal lawyers and their clients.

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LC commenter

If Hale had a comedy show, what would it be called?



‘Hale’s Whales and Males’ where she humorously discusses her favourite whales and males.



Campaign for Real Hale.



“It won’t be alright on the night.”



scraping the barrel for content



2016 called. It wants its Katie King style fangirling back.


Old LC commenter

With Lord Harley also making a return, I’m beginning to miss the glory days of LC – Not Amused and Frustrated Writer in the comments, awkward videos of Katie and Tom. Happy days.



Hale and PACE…


Gen Z

One for the kids


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