Monday morning round-up

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The top legal affairs news stories from this morning and the weekend

Miami becomes the new boom town for corporate lawyers [Financial Times] (£)

Cases against six attendees of Sarah Everard vigil are dropped over lack of public interest after Met Police slammed [The Sun]

DWP demands man pay back 2p debt or risk legal action [Telegraph]

UK Court of Appeal to hear Tulip Trading’s case on legal duties owed by blockchain developers [Coin Geek]

Trump lawyer says she’s told him all litigation involving the former president ‘will stop’ if he announces he’s not running for office in 2024 [Business Insider]

Applications are open for the Legal Cheek September UK Virtual Law Fair 2022

Watchdog investigating three complaints against Manchester’s senior coroner [Manchester Evening News]

Very real and very serious’: Donald Trump in legal crosshairs over seized documents [Financial Times] (£)

Ex-Khashoggi lawyer Asim Ghafoor freed in UAE after money laundering conviction [The Guardian]

Golf’s Saudi rebels are shut down by a judge in their court battle to play in the FedEx Cup playoffs after being suspended by the PGA [Mail Online]

“PEP as a figure is misleading. Some firms are a lot stingier about how many partners they offer equity to.” [Legal Cheek comments]

Event: The SQE: one year on — with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and BPP University Law School [Apply Now]


Ordinary Jack

Disappointing the police backed down to leftist pressure over the Everard rule breakers. Of course there was public interest but the public in question were the silent majority not the hysterical woke mob that organise cancel culture attacks on Twitter.



You think the Everard protesters have the physical power to ‘cancel’ the police and make them all disappear?

Heck, murder is probably one of the biggest ‘rules’ a person can break, but you take umbrage with the protesters????



Ordinary Jack

What a ridiculous strawman comment, but not surprising from the woke.

The protesters jeopardised police officers and the public by breach Covid safety regulations when it was wholly unnecessary for them to do so. They should have been held responsible for that.

The police are being stopped from their job, protecting ordinary folk from crime, but the interference of the left wing cancel mob.


Sword of truth

‘woke’ LOL.



Awww. Hurt much?


Downing St Lockdown Parties Much????

TBH, I’m happier siding with the strawman than pretending a murder never happened.


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