Michael Sheen to play celebrity barrister David Sherborne in ‘Wagatha Christie’ drama

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Channel 4’s new two-part film will follow Vardy and Rooney’s epic libel battle

Starting from the left: Chanel Cresswell (as Coleen Rooney), Michael Sheen (David Sherborne), Natalia Tena (Rebekah Vardy) and Simon Coury (Hugh Tomlinson KC)

Michael Sheen has been revealed as a member of the cast in Channel 4’s new two-part film about the infamous ‘Wagatha Christie’ trial between the feuding footballers’ wives Colleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy.

Sheen will take on the role of 5RB’s superstar barrister David Sherborne, who was the lead advocate for Colleen Rooney in the case, whilst Vardy’s counsel Hugh Tomlinson KC will be played by Simon Coury.

Sherborne, described by Tatler as “a dashing, floppy-haired lawyer”, was also lead counsel for the victims of press intrusion at the Leveson Inquiry and a host of other celebrity clients including Tony Blair, the former prime minister for whom Sheen is also famous for portraying in the film The Deal.

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Matrix Chambers’ Tomlinson KC has also has a star-studded roster of famous clients including King Charles III whilst he was the Prince of Wales.

Besides the lawyers, This Is England actress Chanel Cresswell plays Rooney in the new TV drama, while Natalia Tena, who is famous for her role as Nymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter, will portray Vardy. Dion Lloyd and Marci Nagyszokolyai will play Wayne and Jamie respectively, the footballer husbands of the warring WAGs.

Vardy brought a libel suit against Rooney after Rooney accused Vardy of leaking “false stories” about her private life to the media in October 2019. The case evaluated whether Rooney could establish the defence of truth and the defence of publication on a matter of public interest.

Vardy eventually lost the case with High Court judge Mrs Justice Steyn finding that Rooney’s accusations were “substantially true”. Vardy has since been ordered to pay an immediate £800,000 to cover Rooney’s costs by 15 November.

Vardy v Rooney: A Courtroom Drama is due to air later this year.

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At the risk of sounding woke, shouldn’t someone a bit more orange be playing David Sherbourne? David Dickinson, or Donald Trump perhaps.



Most definitely!

For too long, those of the chocolate-orange complexion, like me, have been marginalised with only token representation (such as Mr Dickinson).



I would have thought Michael Sheen was more famous for portraying Tony Blair in The Queen rather than The Deal


What have we become?

The fact that the media is so obsessed with the social media shenanigans of these vacuous self-absorbed irrelevant women says much about what is wrong with modern England.



I take it no other Sheens were available? Michael is easily the least-entertaining Sheen.



Mr Sheen is my favourite. Always a very polished performance.


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