What do law firms mean by ‘the right cultural fit’?

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One TC seeker needs readers’ advice

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one aspiring solicitor wants to know what law firms mean when they say they’re looking for someone who is “the right cultural fit”.

“Hi everyone, I need your advice regarding the cultural fit. I am applying for training contracts and vacation schemes, getting interviews (I had five in the last recruitment round), but have not been successful in my applications so far.

I received two types of feedback: one that they liked me, but there was just someone a bit better, or two I am just not the right cultural fit for the firm.

Only one firm gave me some useful feedback on how to improve as I was objectively not good enough for them in terms of my technical skills.

It really hurts me to receive not the right fit feedback as I am not sure how I can improve. They do not explain who the right fit IS? Also I think even if they explained, what if those reasons are not something I can change/improve about myself and I might just receive some assassination of my character comments.

Please advise what can I do to fit culturally and what the cultural fit of a City law firm even is?”

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