Law student unwittingly asks Supreme Court justice for directions

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Aspiring lawyer ‘awestruck by Lord Briggs kindness’

A law student has gone public on Twitter with his chance encounter with a Supreme Court justice.

The student, who uses the handle @ManifestlyArb, has garnered almost 3,000 likes on his post which explained how he approached Lord Briggs to ask which bus stop he should get off in order to catch the tube.

As it turned out, the judge at the UK’s top court was going there too and asked the student to come along with him.

Unaware that he was in the presence of a justice of the Supreme Court, the pair struck up a “casual conversation” in which the student explained that he was reading law at university.

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Lord Briggs then revealed to the student that he was a judge at the Supreme Court. In response to this Cinderella moment, the law student said he was “awestruck by Lord Briggs’ kindness”.

This is not the first time law students have had a surprise encounter with a Supreme Court justice whilst commuting in London.

YouTuber Eve Cornwell chanced upon the then President of the Supreme Court Lady Hale on the Tube, whilst members of the Legal Cheek have also encountered Lord Sumption on the Tube and, most recently, at Heathrow Airport.

Baroness Hale also was spotted at Edinburgh Fringe in a selfie with criminal defence solicitor and Fringe performer Abigail Rolling.

The former Supreme Court President, however, also appeared to have been mistaken by the Daily Mail in its coverage of King Charles’s visit to Gray’s Inn, badging the ex-legal supreme as “an affable member of staff”.

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