The Big Legal Cheek News Quiz 2022

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How much do you remember? 🤔

It’s been another eye-catching 12 months for the legal profession.

Whether it’s roll-out of the SQE or sky-high City salaries, Legal Cheek has endeavoured to cover the latest news impacting our student and junior lawyer readership.

But how much of this year’s content have you retained?

So put the TC applications to one side, grab yourself a mince pie, and put your Legal Cheek knowledge to the test in our Big Quiz Of The Year 2022…


At the start of the year which vlogging Magic Circle lawyer confirmed they were leaving legal practice for a role in legal tech?

a) Liam Porritt
b) Eve Cornwell
c) Ibz Mo
d) Gordon Chung


In February, Rawa Hussain went viral after revealing it had taken her ____ years to secure a training contract.

a) 5 years
b) 8 years
c) 17 years
d) 42 years


Luton-born lawyer Sultana Tafadar hit headlines this year for becoming the first what to be appointed Queen’s Counsel (now King’s Counsel)

a) Hijab-wearing criminal barrister
b) 22-year-old
c) solicitor
d) MP


Freshfields set down a marker for its Magic Circle rivals in April when it increased NQ lawyer pay to… ?

a) £100k
b) £125k
c) £150k
d) £1.2 million


A former Irwin Mitchell lawyer was jailed in May as result of their actions wile on jury service. But what had they done?



This summer saw Slaughter and May trial a ‘Bring your ____ to work day’.

a) Grandmother
b) Parrot
c) Dog
d) Child


In July, Linklaters told its junior lawyers it wouldn’t “rush” to do what?

a) Move office
b) Rebrand
c) Boost NQ pay
d) Up training contract number


August saw a leading tax chambers become the first to offer a guaranteed what to graduates fresh out of bar school?

a) Vegan wigs
b) £100k in earnings
c) Their own office in chambers
d) MacBook Pro


In September a Garden Court barrister claimed he was threatened with arrest if he did what?

a) Wrote ‘I am Vegan’ on blank piece of paper
b) Wrote ‘I H8 Dom Raab’ on his T-shirt
c) Wrote ‘Not My King’ on a blank piece of paper
d) Wore his wig backwards


A law lecturer went viral in October after sharing a former student’s ambitious attempt at cheating. But what had they done?

a) Hid revision notes in the toilet cistern
b) Used an AI chatbot to answer the questions
c) Etched revision notes across multiple plastic pens
d) Paid someone to sit the exam on their behalf


Legal Cheek published exclusive research last month which revealed the average working hours of junior lawyers across the UK. Which law firm topped the table for latest finishes?

a) Ropes & Gray
b) Latham Watkins
c) Kirkland & Ellis
d) Clifford Chance


Travers Smith announced this month that lawyers will be expected to be in the office __% of their time.

a) 30%
b) 40%
c) 60%
d) 100%

Click through for the answers.

A very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the entire Legal Cheek team! Thanks for reading and commenting, and we’ll see you in 2023.

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