Clifford Chance’s top paid partner made almost £5 million last year, records show

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More than double previous year

Clifford Chance‘s highest earning partner made almost £5 million last year — more than double the average at the firm.

Companies House records show the top paid partner drew £4.94 million in the year to April 2022, amounting to a 54% increase on the £3.21 million paid out in the previous financial year.

Our Firms Most List 2023 shows the average profit per equity partner at the Magic Circle firm is £2.04 million.

The 2023 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

Elsewhere, the firm’s limited liability partnership accounts show revenue increased by 7.7% to £1.969 billion, the highest ever recorded by the firm. The firm’s UK headquarters brought in £687 million of the total revenue.

Readers in awe of the gargantuan financial rewards available at large international firms may recall last week’s story about a London-based Kirkland & Ellis partner who dropped a whopping $38 million (£31 million) on a 12,000 sq ft mansion in Malibu boasting five bedrooms and nine bathrooms. CC’s top partner’s earnings, meanwhile, could stretch to a 1,751 sq ft two-bedroom terraced house in the heart of London’s Knightsbridge.

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what a random article



We interrupt our regular programming to give this essential update: lawyers earn a lot of money. More on this emerging story as we get it.


Nit enthusiast

*Some* lawyers earn a lot of money *after spending 20+ years of their life grinding at one of the largest law firms*. Also, only the top partners make anything near this, junior equity and salary partners get a fraction of this.

It’s also quite funny how it went from record profits in 1h 2022 to – you are fired in 2h 2022.


CC Insider

@Nit enthusiast

What do you mean re last point on fired in 2 h? We haven’t made any redundancies – some US firms are though.


Nit enthusiast

Soz – didn’t meant cc layoffs but market generally.



In case anybody wants to know, I am my relationship’s top paid partner and made almost £37.20 last year, records show.


2-bedroom terraced house

Seems like Legal Cheek forgot about the 48.25% marginal rate…


Jobs abroad are looking a good option

Which will only get worse as Brexit hampers the nation’s economy and Labour impose taxes to Fred the politics of envy.


Grammar Police

Who’s Fred?



who was it?



Considering the cost of family life, pressure and work life balance, thought it would be slightly more.


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