We asked ChatGPT to write a poem about life as a law student

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AI meets the arts

ChatGPT has been making headlines across the world.

Legal Cheek even got in on the action, putting the AI chatbot through the Watson Glaser test and getting it to answer training contract interview questions.

For its next big challenge, we asked the system to construct a poem exploring the ups and downs of life as a law student. Here’s what it came up with….

Why not give it a go for yourself here, and post the results in the comments.


Terrible barrister

I too read statute hoping to find evidence



No need for snarky comments. I enjoyed it.


Bonus Paterfamilias

I once wanted justice, and to give the world a chance
Now I just work at Clifford Chance

Following a partner’s directives
And waiving my rights under the Working Time Directive

With a working week of 80 hours
I yearn for that forlorn youth of ours

To corporations my soul has been sold
I hope I don’t die before I get old

Otherwise my life has been turned to shambles
And, on my third marriage, I still haven’t gotten to use my yacht and Lambo.



Terrible. Who rhymes chance with chance? 0/10



Me not workin’ hard?

Yeah right. Picture that with a Kodak.

Or, better yet, go to Times Square Take a picture of me with a Kodak.


You are basic and you don't know it

Some basic New Jersey type seems to be cutting and pasting mindless comments that they think are amusing.


Critic of Critics, MA (Dunelm) Theology

The first year BA Literary Studies resits are coming up next week, back to revision!


Kirkland NQ

There once was a NQ at the Land
Who got paid several hundred grand

He spent it on a fat Lamborghini
And a huge townhouse in Chelsea
And watched as the LC commenters died of jealousy…


Get back to Fortnite

There was a young student in pants,
Who had only one joke in his rants,
The jokes were in bad taste,
But he’d no talent to waste,
One trick pony, we’re tired of your bantz.



An alleged NQ fat cat,
Kept saying his wallet was fat,
A bore with his shtik,
Energy very small d***,
Everyone thought him a t***.


John Doe

I went to the law to get paid,
And in the hope that I would get laid,
Billed so many hours,
I lost all my powers,
And so the poor lass was dismayed.


post-exam blues

A bored, apathetic law student
Revised, ‘cos he thought it was prudent
But failed his exams
which spoiled all his plans
So re-sat (but still no improvement)


Criminal Trousers (Unshitten as yet)

I now practice in crime.
Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Now I don’t know where I’m goin’…
A bit like this poem…
“Waiter… one more glass of wine!”


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