Lawyer who joined OnlyFans makes six-figure MoneyLaw salary in three months

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Richer and happier

Jazmen Jafar — credit: Instagram @jazmenjafar

A former US lawyer who quit the legal profession to become a full-time content creator on OnlyFans says she made a whopping $180,000 (£147,000) in the first three months of this year.

Jazmen Jafar, 27, earned $75,000 (£60,000) a year in her legal role, but now charges fans around £5 a month to view her pics, videos and daily live-streams.

Jafar — a stage name inspired by Princess Jasmine and Jafar, characters from the Disney film Aladdin — says she passed the bar exam and pursued a career in law to appease her Middle Eastern parents.

She joined OnlyFans in early 2021 and landed her first law firm job later that same year. She initially juggled both roles before eventually quitting the legal profession to focus full-time on her online content in March 2022, Business Insider reports.

And her decision appears to have paid off, quite literally, with Jafar earning an eye-watering £147,000 so far this year. The Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2023 shows that’s the annual salary of a newly qualified solicitor at Ropes & Gray.

The news site says it has viewed documents verifying her previous employment and earnings.

The 2023 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

“The world is really changing, and the traditional career paths are not what they used to be,” Jafar said. “Back in the day, jobs like lawyer, engineer, and doctor were what brought you money and stability, but now, with the internet, there’s endless possibilities with what you can do.”

“Many people don’t realise that a lot of lawyers are miserable, and I’m often told I’m crazy for leaving a law job to be a sex worker, but it’s only people that have a glamorised view of being a lawyer that don’t understand my decision,” Jafar continued.

Jafar used to clock up to ten-hour days as a lawyer but says she’s now happier despite working even longer hours as a content creator.

And Jafar hasn’t completely turned her back on the law. She runs a YouTube page which advocates for sex workers’ rights and “unofficially” helps other OnlyFans creators review their contracts if they have agents.

“My goal is to break some of the stigma and stereotypes surrounding sex work and show people that it’s not a last resort,” she said. “For me, it’s a first resort, because I had a well-paid job that I could’ve done for the rest of my life. I chose this because I wanted freedom and happiness.”

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Trying to figure out if this is an ad to her OF account.



Lmao you can’t really break the stigmas if you’re perpetuating it as selling your spicy pics…



Stop promoting this filth.



We are, after all, only the 2nd oldest profession in the world…



Note to self

Do not search persons name on work laptop


she works hard for the money

She came for the 💰



Who actually pays for this stuff.






Thats because men are stupid and desperate and pay for shit like this get a grip Jesus



Replace “men” with “women” in your comment and I bet you’d have thrown a fit



If there was a market full of young men selling naked pictures to sad, desperate women it would be a fair comment – unsurprisingly there isn’t


Costs Draftsman

There is surely a market for charging for OnlyFans content in 6 minute increments.



Still chuckling at this comment…



I tip my hat to you good sir/madam/x.

What do we reckon is the average loss of billable time per LC article?



I do wish the left would show some consistency on this issue.

Grid girls/advertising models: NO! Bad! Stop objectifying women. It doesn’t matter that they want to do it. We must end this in the name of feminism.

Onlyfans: YES! You go girl. It’s ok, because you freely choose to do it.

I mean, just pick a stance and stay consistent.



More power to her. Sometimes outside noise from people makes you believe that you want to do a particular career but in truth what really matters gets buried.

You only have one life so do what you want because the truth is the world is grey and Kim Kardashian has a sex tape and passed the baby bar law exam so anything is possible.



Come on fellas!! Gotta stop paying for this trash.. I’ll cancel my subscription if you do first LMAO!!

No, seriously men out there need to stop giving these women their money for pictures and videos!!! Turned the girl next door into a millionaire without leaving her bedroom!!!..



At least the money is earned honestly. Being a lawyer and lie your ass off to earn a living truly sucks….


Grant gee

Went from a noble and high class profession too being lower socially than a fast food employee. I bet there are drug dealers and prostitutes who make more. She’s still a prostitute. No matter how you frame it.


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