Linklaters gives lawyers option to switch bank holidays

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Magic Circle firm says move will provide flexibility to observe religious and cultural events

Magic Circle law firm Linklaters has announced a new scheme offering its UK employees more flexibility around when they take their bank holidays.

All staff, including partners, will have the option to take up to three bank holidays at a different time that works for them during the same holiday year thanks to the new exchange programme.

The three bank holidays included in the scheme are August Bank Holiday, Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Linklaters described the scheme, which takes effect on 1 May, as a sign of its commitment to inclusivity as it would enable its employees the “flexibility to observe religious and cultural observances that are important to them without taking annual leave”.

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Angela Ogilvie, chief HR officer at Linklaters, commented:

“We know that flexibility and agility at work are important to our colleagues, and it supports our inclusive culture. This scheme reflects the diversity of cultural and religious events celebrated across the firm and enables people to flex their UK bank holidays to mark those events that are most meaningful to them, without having to take annual leave.”

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I’m surprised more firms don’t offer this



It’s open to gamesmanship unless the policy has limits (as Links have done, appropriately, by limiting it to three specific days).

Some Big 4 accountancy firms have a full flex policy and people who fully intend to take Christmas (e.g.) off will flex Christmas anyway because in all probability, nothing is going to happen on the day, they’ll charge 7 hours of non-billable time, and get to take an extra “real” day off.



I doubt this is gonna stop people leaving to US firms for more money



But Links is the world’s most innovation focused law firm with loads of “practice innovation” experts and innovation lawyers. Other firms just don’t even come close.


Reply to innovation

And so? Lol. Just give me the mula 💰



Are you for real or is this sarcastic? Literally no one cares



Links pays non fee earners practically nothing though so they can afford it. Last time I saw they are paying practice innovation analysts or other non fee earning folks £15/hr lol – some appear to be even on hourly contracts or similar. By contrast US firms like LW might have only a handful of “innovation” lawyers but they are paid like a senior associate or even counsel at Links



We lost another partner (department head no less) to Cleary today


Ex-Links now US

Links lost two big dogs to PH last month. A number of managing associates are looking to quit so watch this space.


Strong like Nigel

Where are all the pay rises?

Where are all the pay rises?

I would like to know

Where are et tu Brutus?



I think this undermines the idea of what a national holiday is. It’s a chance for the entire country to have a feeling of celebration, not just another piece of annual leave. I also don’t understand how this would work in practice – if your clients are on leave and the rest of the deal team is on leave because of the bank holiday, surely there would be no/minimal work to do if you decided to work on the bank holiday?





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