Top media barrister is granted silk status… by the media

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5RB superstar David Sherborne is now not a KC

Top media barrister David Sherborne has been elevated to the status of silk thanks to, well, the media.

The 5RB tenant is a formidable player within his specialisms of privacy and defamation, and boasts a client list full of top celebrities and royals.

But Sherborne has so far steered clear of titles such as QC, now KC, despite easily boasting a level of experience to warrant such.

And the KC status, or lack of it, appears to have caught some journalists out.

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A quick Google search of ‘David Sherborne KC’ and ‘David Sherborne QC’ throws up a host of news articles and picture captions where the top barrister has been bestowed the professional rank, most recently in reference to his work representing the Duke of Sussex and the other individuals bringing claims against publisher MGN over alleged hacking.

The son of a criminal silk, Sherborne read classics at Oxford University before going on to study law at the College of Law, now The University of Law, according to his chambers’ website. He was called to the bar in 1992.

Last summer he successfully defended Colleen Rooney in the ‘Wagatha Christie’ libel battle and has also represented the likes of Diana, Princess of Wales and Kate Moss.

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Twitter Is For Narcissists

Just goes to show how shoddy some ‘journalism’ is.

Media lawyers have been saying this for years.


Scouser of Counsel (not KC)

This happens to quite a lot of barristers and has happened to me more than once.

It happens Criminal barristers in particular whose everyday cases often appear in local press.

There seems to be a common misconception amongst some less experienced journalists that all barristers are QC (now KC).


Not Yet Silk

On the rare occasions when this has happened to me I have contacted the publication to request that the letters patent be removed from my name because the BSB would not want readers to be misled. The Times and The Guardian have always promptly amended the online article.



To Scouser of Counsel (not KC):

I can tell you’re a scouser by your writing. Sort it out. Stay in the regions, please. We don’t want our standards slipping in London.


Scouser of Counsel

“Scouser” has a capital “S”.


Our Gary

Eh, eh, caalm down! caaalm down! Cum ‘ed etc


Our Barry

Eh! Eh! Eh!

You calm down ya ******’ *****!


Our Terry

Eh! Eh!

Youse two need to just CALM DOWN!




None story. News slow?


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