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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

The value of X – making sense of a re-branding, from a lawyer’s perspective [The Law and Policy Blog]

Climate litigation is on the rise around the world and Australia is at the head of the pack [The Conversation]

The future of music copyright laws [The Journal]

Meta’s Record-Breaking Fine And The Future Of International Data Transfers: What Does It Mean For Sport? [LawInSport] (free, but registration required)

Has Barbie® found a check mate? [Scottish Legal News]

Case Law, Strasbourg: Hurbain v Belgium, Grand Chamber upholds decision that order anonymising newspaper archive did not violate Article 10 [Inforrm’s Blog]

New beings: legal issues and AI [Lexology]

It takes two to tango [A Lawyer Writes]

The normalisation of failure [The Law Society Gazette]

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