‘I’ve completed QWE at various high street firms. Would a City firm be interested in me?’

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Qualification query

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one soon-to-be solicitor is concerned that City law firms will be put off by their unconventional route to qualification.

“Dear Legal Cheek.

I am a career changer (previously marketing) who is nearing qualification as a solicitor. I haven’t completed a training contract in the traditional sense, but rather undertaken spells with three law firms over a two year period. I am in the process of getting this recognised by the SRA. Briefly, I spent six months as a paralegal with a high street law firm before spending a further six months with a national law firm — again as a paralegal. The majority of this work was in property, both residential and some commercial. I then joined another high street firm where I am approaching the one year mark. Again this is property and I am basically doing the work of NQ solicitor. My question is whether a City law firm would be interested in taking me on as a NQ associate? Or would my unconventional journey put them off?”

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