Nigeria-qualified lawyer clinches SQE scholarship for his vision of the 21st century solicitor

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By Anuja Venkataramani on

Noble Iheanacho secures a 50% discount on BARBRI’s SQE1 Prep course

Noble Iheanacho, a Nigeria-qualified lawyer, has secured a part scholarship for BARBRI’s SQE1 Prep course for an essay on his vision of the 21st century solicitor.

Having completed his schooling and LLB degree in Lagos, Nigeria, Iheanacho also acquired the Nigerian bar qualifying and practicing certificates, a diploma in management in law practice as well as a business analysis certification. This educational background allows him to bring “a holistic perspective that combines legal acumen with a keen understanding of management and business analysis,” he says.

Noble Iheanacho

In his 1,000-word essay, Iheanacho discussed his vision of the 21st century solicitor, where he sought to examine the evolution of legal practice over time, highlighting the changes in legal systems and methods vis-à-vis client needs.

“As such, the solicitor of the future, like I concluded in my piece, must be multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional in approach, adopting and adapting to advanced strategies and techniques for better proficiency, expertise and significance.”

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The scholarship will help further Iheanacho’s aspiration of being an international lawyer. With his experience of heading up the legal department of a multi-national management consultancy in Nigeria and setting up his own private practice, Iheanacho has been particularly attuned to the potential limitations of international transactions and their effect on cross-border business relationships.

Speaking to Legal Cheek, Iheanacho said:

“I am very excited to have won the BARBRI-Legal Cheek Scholarship Essay Competition. This is not only because of the scholarship award – which immensely assists with the achievement of my goal of dual-qualification, but also for the reason that it affords me with the necessary exposure and international visibility that I need to take my practice to the next level.”

Iheanacho further explains that it is the increasing pace of globalisation and technological advance which have fuelled his desire for multi-jurisdictional qualification, with England and Wales’ common law emerging as the most relevant option — and the SQE being the easiest route to pursue this ambition.

Speaking on Iheanacho’s win, Chris Howard, BARBRI’s University Partnership Director, commented:

“It has been a pleasure for BARBRI to once again collaborate with Legal Cheek on our SQE1 scholarship prize. BARBRI’s goal is to be an enabler of our students’ career ambitions and this scholarship is one example of that mission in action. This year’s competition was of a typically high standard. In the end, Noble’s fascinating blend of professional historical context and a nuanced conclusion, recognising the multifaceted role of a 21st Century solicitor, just edged the other entries.”

To find out more about how to prepare for qualifying via the SQE, check out BARBRI’s website.

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