SQE2: Pass rate climbs slightly to 79%

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Over 1,000 students sat latest assessment

The latest results for part two of the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) have been released, with the pass rate climbing slightly to 79%.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) confirmed 1,004 candidates sat SQE2 across four sittings between July and August of this year.

The latest stats show 79% of candidates passed overall, and of those attempting the exam for the first time (944) the pass rate came in at an impressive 82%. The pass mark sat between 61% and 62% across the various sittings.

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The SQE2 assessment comprises 16 stations — 12 written stations and four oral stations — that assess both skills and application of legal knowledge. SQE1, meanwhile, tests candidates on their understanding of black letter law across two multiple-choice exams.

This is now the fourth round of SQE2 results, with previous pass rates sitting between 71% and 77%.

Last week Legal Cheek reported that an ‘AI paralegal’ had successfully passed SQE1 with a score of 74%.

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