The Grinch-like tendencies of law students 

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By Christianah Omobosola Babajide on

The countdown to Christmas begins…

Do you loathe Christmas music? Pride yourself on being immune to the holiday spirit, despise Christmas jumper days, and say “thanks, but no thanks” to Secret Santa? You may be more like the Grinch than you realise…

Solitary creatures

The Grinch is a bitter, cave-dwelling creature with a heart two sizes too small. This makes him grumpy, loathe human company and explains why he lives by himself on Mount Crumpit, isolated from the merry town of Whoville.

Likewise, law students are often chained to their desks in the law library, declining social invites, moping and complaining about the amount of reading they have to do. Could this be because, like the Grinch, law students’ hearts are also two sizes too small?

Binge eating

Nobody indulges in emotional eating like a stressed out law student. The holidays are a time for feasting, but the weeks leading up to the holidays is always stressful which can sometimes summon emotional eating.

As much as the Grinch loathes Christmas, even he’s not able to avoid this tradition. We’ve all been there. And we have the elastic sweatpants to prove it!

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Christmas crowds? Ho, ho, no…

Nobody hates merry Christmas crowds, like a law student preparing for their SQE January exams. In the run-up to Christmas, stores are overcrowded and packed, especially if you live in London.

Don’t even get me started on the Christmas parties or Christmas carols. So, to know the Grinch lives up in his snowy mountain, because he hates dealing with surging waves of people and sound, is relatable! And feels a little better to realise we’re not alone in this.


Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a real problem for law students this time of year, because of looming January exams. Nothing feels worse than scrolling on Insta and seeing photos of ski trips, holiday parties and general merriment.

Similarly, in The Grinch, watching him out in the cold while the Whos sit down for a feast, we can totally relate to his FOMO.

You always leave time for the important things

The Grinch, just like the average law student, has his self-care priorities in check; he leaves time in his busy schedule at 4pm to wallow in self-pity and stare into the abyss at 4:30pm (business as usual!) He’s got dinner booked at 6:30pm with himself and refuses to cancel that again.

He looks forward to wrestling with his self-loathing at 7pm and notes if he bumped his loathing to 9pm, he may have time to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness. Sound familiar?

Comment down below the ways in which you identify with The Grinch during the festive season.

Christianah Omobosola Babajide works in legal marketing at a leading barristers’ chambers in Central London. She has a degree in law and over five years of legal writing experience.

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