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Because stairs are soooo 2023

Whilst many firms kit out their offices with spacious canteens, swanky seating, and modern art, one Irish outfit has taken a different approach to brightening up its workspace.

Gallagher McCartney Barry Solicitors has a large yellow slide in their Donegal office, taking lawyers and clients straight from the first floor into the reception.

It’s not just a gimmick either, footage on social media showing lawyers making the most of the office’s one-way highway.

This isn’t the first time law firms have looked to boost their appeal with unconventional office upgrades.

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Back in 2018 Hogan Lovells unveiled a new putting green suitably positioned inside its Birmingham office. More recently, US outfits Skadden, Cooley, and Covington & Burling have all relocated to 22 Bishopsgate, a 62-storey skyscraper boasting a ‘sky-wall’ climbing window.

There is also Clifford Chance’s famous swimming pool, and Quinn Emanuel’s new scheme of in office artists.

And believe it or not, this isn’t even the first slide to appear in a law firm office. Up until 2015, the Sheffield office of intellectual property outfit Withers & Rogers was housed in an office featuring an 85ft Helter Skelter.




Kirkland NQ

Unfortunately such a contraption is no longer amusing once it tears your 100% Mongolian cashmere Loro Piana coat on the way into the office. That’s why we stick to elevators and stairs at Kirkland.



Overpaid paperwork monkey

Wow you are a sad bunch

Cravath NQ

Stairs??? You mean you peasants at Kirkland don’t have a helicopter to transport you from the ground floor to the top and vice versa?


Maybe don’t try a slide on the way into the office. They’re really best for going down.


who needs an increase in salaries when we can just have a slide in our firm!!! yipeeeee


I know especially for paralegals and trainees in their mid 20s because who has bills to pay then. You’re just children who want slides right?


Ongoing risk assessments for staff and clients for HSE reporting and insurance !!


time for a Malcolm Tucker of law firms methinks

4 PQE International firm

The partners at my firm would be up and down this all day for the fun of it while the rest of us continue slaving away within earshot.

As inn

The way I would trip and sue for we need a slide for?


Interesting slide from first floor to reception. A quick way of getting difficult clients out of the building. Good clients are offered the lift.

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