Skadden secures new skyscraper office featuring City’s first ‘sky-wall’ climbing window

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Corporate perks reach new heights

The ‘sky-wall’ – credit: Miller Hare/22 Bishopsgate

US law firm Skadden has signed a 15-year deal to take up three floors in one of Square Mile’s new skyscrapers, relocating from its current home in Canary Wharf after almost two decades.

The New York headquartered outfit’s 250-strong London team will take over 65,000 sq ft of 22 Bishopsgate, a 62-storey skyscraper which is already home to fellow US players Cooley and Covington & Burling. It will be based across floors 38-40 from late 2022 or early 2023.

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The firm’s lawyers will be able to take advantage of the building’s array of state of the art facilities, including a posh gym featuring the City’s first ever ‘sky-wall’ climbing window on 25th floor (pictured top).

The tower — completed in December and now 60% let — also features a wellbeing retreat, bar and restaurant, and the capital’s highest free-to-access public viewing gallery (video below).

The move will see Clifford Chance become the last remaining major City firm to be based in the Wharf.

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Clifford Chance's Swimming Pool




Nothing screams I have spare capacity than using the office climbing wall



I reckon that it takes a lot of courage to be a trainee/junior and be pulling that kind of stuff during the day…



first proper lol in a while – spot on



Skadden really is an elite firm.


Big Law Vibes

Top 3 in the World!


More like Strong Coomer Energy

Lmao f*ck off fresher 😀 😀 😀



I’ve heard that some US firms won’t recruit associates laterally if they didn’t qualify at their training firm – anyone else heard this and know which firms?



Quinn Emmanuel do this , but you don’t need to qualify just have an NQ offer from your training firm.






QE is such a notorious sweat shop they will take whatever Tom, Dick or Harry is foolish enough to apply. The only place in the country that is recruiting more frequently than the Government Legal Department. That says a lot.


US firms are the future

Alternatively, QE is recruiting is because it is expanding. Fortunately, this is simple to assess, and doesn’t require the ‘skills’ of an anonymous troll who will be on a lot less money than a QE associate (starting salary £146k). Let’s see what the figures show…

** Quinn Emanuel defies crisis with striking 27% spike in City turnover **
11 January 2021
“Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan defies crisis with striking 27% spike in City turnover. Showing no sign of pandemic-induced slowdown, US-bred dispute resolution specialist Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan has hiked London revenues by 27% to reach £127.4m. There was further cause for cheer for the firm as profits shot up 34% to around £91m, putting the office’s profit margin at an impressive 71%.”

See also: “Quinn Emanuel UK Shrugs Off Lockdown Effect as Revenue, Profits Soar”,

Other US firms are available in London: Latham & Watkins and Kirkland & Ellis, for example, are expanding similarly (and are likewise leaving jealous wannabes at English firms in their wake).

Jealously isn’t a good look 😉



Neither is being bat shit defensive


Lmao y so butthurt 😂🤡


If you want to move at NQ level to a US firm, it makes sense for them to ask whether you have an internal offer as it’s the only real validation that they can get that you are any good at the job. If you’re concerned you may not get an offer internally, the easiest solution is to get interviewing elsewhere ASAP before the qualification process even begins at your training firm and just tell them you’re confident of getting an offer etc.


Chopper LLP

Or lie about it. Worked for me.


Original Poster

Just to clarify I’m not talking about having an offer – I’ve heard that some firms won’t consider you at 1 – 5/6 PQE if you moved at NQ and didn’t qualify at your training firm, regardless of whether you had an offer or not. Anyone else heard this? Probably few and far between but good to know



People definitely receive more scrutiny if they move on qualification and then move again in the medium term. Logicially, if you were a recruiting partner and you saw an applicant in that position, you might wonder whether the applicant wasn’t retained by their original firm and is now being pushed out of their current firm.

That’s why I generally think that, if you can qualify at your current firm and then move (as many people do after 3-6 months), you should do it. Then you take the question off the table forever, i.e. nobody will ever doubt that you were retained on qualification.



That’s super helpful, thank you. Was kind of my gut feeling but it’s difficult to know what is the best option in the long term



Disagree. If you had a good reason to move on NQ there is no reason someone would suspect this. Just show them your NQ offer, tell them why you left upon qualification and no one will think more of it. Different and equally concerning questions will be raised if you move within 3 months of qualification, with the additioanl downside of creating bad blood at the firm you qualified into.



It is important to understand that law firms are dysfunctional businesses. A normal business is very hierarchical and everyone does what the CEO says. In a partnership model, partners basically ignore diktats from up high and does there own thing.

It is perfectly possible that there are some bat shit crazy partners out there who won’t hire anyone who moved as an NQ, has ginger hair, doesn’t speak with a posh accent. Some partners are pretty weird.

They will be a tiny minority and nobody will have it as firm policy.



I’m not sure why the original comment is being downvoted (other than by people who are desperately hoping this isn’t true because they’re in exactly this position). Recruiter postings on The Lawyer, etc, and through LinkedIn frequently expressly state that the hiring firm is looking for candidate who “trained and qualified at a leading UK or US firm” or something to that effect. It’s obviously not always a requirement, but there are certainly firms out there which are paranoid about being seen to hire people who weren’t good enough to be retained at the firm where they trained.



Lmao you do realise the climbing wall, like all other amenities in 22 Bishopsgate, are for all tenants of the building right?

Total non-story, p*ss off Tommy. 😀



First a £150K NQ salary and now this?! These guys are on a roll!!


Future FBD Trainee

Is there a gym at 100 Bishopsgate?



Equinox is 2 metres away from 100 Bishopsgate


Skadden New Joiner

£150k NQ salary…nice!



Sure you are, fresher. Now back to your revision, your Contract Law module retakes are coming up next week.


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