Judge given formal advice over ‘offensive’ social media posts

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Follows two complaints

A judge has been issued with formal advice after engaging in “politically controversial issues” on social media.

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) initiated an investigation into Recorder Simon Myerson’s behaviour on Twitter, now known as X, following two complaints from unnamed individuals. These complaints concerned a series of posts that the individuals found “offensive”.

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In reaching its decision, the JCIO said it considered that Myerson “identified his judicial status in historic tweets, engaged in politically controversial issues, sometimes in an offensive manner, and failed to maintain the standards of his judicial office”.

Social media guidance issued to judges advises them to avoid participation in online debates about the judiciary, legal system or other topics of “political controversy”. It also reminds judges to maintain the moral authority, integrity, decorum and dignity of their judicial office.

The public notice from the JCIO does not offer additional details regarding the content of the posts.

Myerson has attracted over 20,000 followers since joining X in 2012.