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Joshua Rozenberg: Look out for a retirement announcement from the High Court’s Mr Justice Peter Smith

Lost luggage rant judge could bow out now, just as he qualifies for a pension

Apr 11 2017 9:16am

Four predictions for corporate law this year

What to expect in the City during 2017

Jan 6 2017 9:16am

It’s beginning to look a lot like Slaughter and May is calling a recession

Modest pay rise and work/life perks signal tough times ahead

Dec 16 2016 9:12am

The Telegraph and the Mail misguidely go after Lord Neuberger

Have they not read his speeches?

Nov 21 2016 8:56am

‘Litigator-in-chief’: Trump and his litany of lawsuits

Will he be the first ever US president to give evidence in open court?

Nov 18 2016 10:53am

Is it ‘judgment’ or ‘judgement’?

Row breaks out as two former Lord Chancellors keep the ‘e’

Nov 11 2016 12:11pm

How lawyers forced Theresa May to back the judiciary

Legal profession takes centre stage in constitutional crisis as Liz Truss left exposed

Nov 7 2016 7:34am

MoneyLaw could be the new Magic Circle

£124,000 newly qualified rate may prove a London game-changer

Jun 20 2016 9:36am

Who’s to blame when an April Fool goes wrong?

All fun and games until someone loses an eye

Apr 1 2016 1:40pm

Trump turnaround on legal fees pledge

The Donald proves as contradictory as ever

Mar 16 2016 10:42am

Why does the ‘Do you know anyone at the firm’ question appear on application forms?

Law student tweets frustration after being asked for “personal contacts”

Feb 11 2016 1:04pm

Banning things is ‘curse of our age’

Brits seem to want to ban everything nowadays

Jan 19 2016 2:09pm

Chelsea employ clever legal tactics in Eva Carneiro constructive dismissal case

Club's failure to file defence is a shrewd move

Dec 18 2015 12:38pm

Britain could legally ban Donald Trump from entering the country, but would we want to?

It's do-able, but perhaps unwise, say top immigration lawyers

Dec 9 2015 12:57pm