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Revealed: The best law firms for training 2018-19

The results from the new Legal Cheek Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey are in

Oct 16 2018 10:43am

How Lehman Brothers’ collapse paved the way for MoneyLaw and the minimum wage

2008 financial crisis shaped the legal profession as we know it

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The most original legal affairs writing on the internet

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The best use of social media — 2018 edition

Lawyers wow with Supreme Court selfies, Snapchat vac schemes and Suits recruitment vids

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The law firms that give their trainees the most interesting work – 2018 edition

There's more to early stage legal practice than document review

Jan 18 2018 9:03am

The law firms with the best work/life balance — 2018 edition

Good money plus good hours is a winning combination

Jan 4 2018 9:34am

2018 predictions: A year of fake news, gay cakes and feminist celebrations awaits

Putting the Legal Cheek stake in the ground

Jan 3 2018 9:21am

Revealed: The firms that offer the most client secondments

As a trainee you could get the chance to do a stint at Goldman Sachs, Google or Gillingham Council

Dec 19 2017 9:07am

Revealed: The law firms with the best perks 2017-2018

From massages to music rooms: the myriad reasons to become a City lawyer

Nov 30 2017 9:00am

Revealed: Law firms’ average arrive and leave the office times 2017-18

Who works the longest, and shortest, hours?

Nov 22 2017 9:05am

The most delicious and delightful law firm canteens 2017-18

The results of our search for canteen heaven When hunting for a training contract at...

Nov 16 2017 11:01am

The most technologically advanced law firms in Britain: 2017-18

Exclusive: Over 2,000 City trainees and junior lawyers told us how lawtech was affecting their lives on the legal frontline

Nov 1 2017 9:29am

Women are the ‘overlooked minority’ in the history of the Sexual Offences Act

It's the statute's 50th birthday, but should we be celebrating?

Jul 21 2017 9:03am

The tuition fee backlash could spell danger for the solicitor super-exam

Design of the cheaper LPC replacement is based on undergraduate fees staying high

Jul 12 2017 9:20am

Revealed: how close firms are to reaching their gender diversity targets

Some are doing well -- next stop equality?

Apr 27 2017 9:05am