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‘I passed SQE1 at the first attempt – but here’s everything that needs to change’

A future trainee solicitor offers their post-exam reflections

Mar 20 2024 10:46am
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Qualifying Work Experience: What it is, and what it is not

Legal Cheek explains…

Feb 16 2024 8:10am

Revealed: Law firms’ average start and finish times 2023-24

Exclusive research shows dip in working hours compared to previous year

Oct 26 2023 9:20am

Revealed: Law firms’ average start work and finish times 2023

Legal Cheek’s exclusive research sheds light on the working habits of trainee and junior lawyers as firms continue to fine-tune their WFH policies

Nov 2 2022 9:24am

Does size matter for law firms?

The City Insider puts the data from 2023 Legal Cheek Firms Most List into context

Sep 29 2022 8:28am

Salary bunching: the unspoken effect of the City talent war

As 'flashy' NQ rates continue to soar, a recent Legal Cheek open thread exposed the 'abysmal' associate salary bands in place at some UK law firms

May 4 2022 9:30am
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Law school leaders react to first SQE results

Legal Cheek talks to the key players in legal education to understand what last week's results announcement means for students and the wider profession

Jan 26 2022 10:55am

Listed law firms record 26% share value rise in one year

Almost double the increase in value of the FTSE 100

Jan 4 2022 12:29pm

How Tiffany blue and Louboutin shoes are revealing trademark law’s true colours

Future magic circle trainee Will Holmes explores the history of protecting your brand from imitators

Nov 29 2021 9:27am

Why Google’s landmark victory is music to TikTok’s ears

Future magic circle trainee Will Holmes looks at yesterday's data protection ruling

Nov 11 2021 8:01am

The haunted jurisprudence of ‘ghost law’

Future magic circle trainee Will Holmes asks -- are ghosts legal? 👻

Oct 29 2021 8:36am

Revealed: The extreme working hours of big-paying US law firms in London

Some junior lawyers are finishing work after 11pm most nights

Oct 26 2021 9:20am

What lawyers’ response to the printing press tells us about the future of legal tech

Future magic circle trainee Will Holmes looks at the legal profession's somewhat rocky record with technology

Jul 2 2021 10:15am

Legal Cheek listed law firm fund chalks up 38% increase in just six months

Puts the FTSE 100 and S&P 500 in the shade

Jul 1 2021 11:16am

What Emperor Claudius would have thought about the City law pay war

Money and law have always had a complicated relationship

Jun 25 2021 9:16am

Which unis offer law grads the best chance of securing a job?

New stats reveal the law schools with the highest -- and lowest -- 'positive outcomes' 15 months down the line

Jun 2 2021 10:18am

Listed law firms prove resilient to market turbulence

Is the legal profession the new gold?

Jun 1 2021 11:32am

Pressure to generate returns forces listed law firms to think outside the box

Investors aren’t interested in how many offices firms have got or other traditional prestige metrics

Apr 29 2021 8:52am

Law firms’ soaring share prices yield Bitcoin-esque rewards 🚀

Some investors who took the plunge last year sitting on huge profits

Mar 18 2021 10:54am

Could the Gamestop craze reach law firm stocks?

As the Legal Cheek fund surges by 15%, our listed law firm columnist wonders if a Reddit-driven windfall could be around the corner

Feb 3 2021 11:55am