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Full video: The SQE: two years on

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Experts from the Solicitors Regulation Authority and BPP University Law School come together to reflect on the SQE so far

It has been nearly two years since the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) regime was brought in to transform the route to solicitor qualification.

In the video (above) of our recent virtual student event, representatives from BPP University Law School and the Solicitors Regulation Authority explore what we have learnt during this time, address concerns regarding the SQE pass rates published so far, and contemplate what changes that we are likely to see in the near future.


The event featured:

Julie Swan, director of education and training at the SRA
Richard Williams, policy manager at the SRA
Jonny Hurst, BPP’s head of outreach and former City law firm partner

Find out more about studying for the SQE at BPP University Law School

The speakers started off with the panel’s initial reflections, with over 7,000 different candidates taking the assessments so far. They highlighted the introduction of Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) as an opportunity for students to take their career journeys into their own hands. The panel then touched on other questions from students such as evaluating results from SQE1 and 2 exam sittings, and the so-called “attainment gap” between different ethnic groups, as well as practical advice for students preparing to start their SQE journey.

Legal Cheek is running ‘The SQE series’ with BPP University Law School over the next few months. The video of each session will be made available one month after each virtual event together with further FAQs arising from each session which experts from BPP are answering.

Find out more about studying the LPC and SQE at BPP University Law School

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