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Podcast: Why I left a magic circle law firm to re-discover my passion for photography and art

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We speak to finance lawyer Salome Coker, ahead of her appearance at next week’s Living Room Law virtual conference 🎙️

Salome Coker

Shortly after training at a magic circle law firm, Salome Coker had an epiphany: a busy career in commercial law shouldn’t require sacrificing doing the things you love.

Since then, Coker has joined the new wave of lawyers doing things differently, as she now balances life as a legal consultant for Re:link Linklaters’ network of flexible lawyers working on a regular fixed-term basis, alongside her photography, art and lifestyle business.

In this podcast (embedded below), Coker looks back on her search for flexibility, and reveals what it takes to become a contracting lawyer.

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Ahead of her appearance at next week’s virtual conference, Living Room Law, Coker also considers whether more lawyers will follow in her footsteps, as firms look to embrace hybrid working in the post-vaccine world.

You can listen to the podcast in full via the embed above, or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Find out more about Re:link Linklaters

Salome Coker will be speaking alongside other solicitors and barristers at Living Room Law, a virtual conference taking place on the afternoon of Thursday 22 April. You can secure your place, which is free, now.

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