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‘Drunk’ law tutor thrown off Heathrow flight is ordered to pay £4,500

Humanitarian law expert, who the SRA says “is not a member of the profession”, reportedly set to take up teaching role at Durham University

Aug 21 2017 2:10pm

Top lawyers clash over whether we should have a written constitution

Is now the UK’s ‘constitutional moment’?

May 5 2017 11:17am

Students ‘proud’ as Kent Law School academics take on Donald Trump

But can a letter signed by 253 law scholars achieve more than a petition by nearly two million?

Feb 16 2017 1:34pm

An East Anglia University academic counted every word spoken in the Supreme Court Brexit challenge

Apparently this could be the way to predict which side will win...

Dec 12 2016 9:03am

Why the new higher education bill is not the solution for improving the state of legal education

Will the negative consequences outweigh its good intentions?

Sep 20 2016 12:55pm

Politician says parliament to be kept in dark about EU negotiations, lawyers not very happy about it

Basic principle of parliamentary sovereignty may be under threat from Brexit “farce”

Sep 13 2016 11:49am

Westminster prof named ‘Law Teacher of the Year 2016’

Lisa Webley scoops coveted prize, seeing off competition from the likes of Oxford, Leicester and Nottingham Trent

Jul 4 2016 10:45am

Will EU law even be a module on law degrees next year?

Heightened Brexit fears spark student uncertainty

Feb 22 2016 2:51pm

Lecturers from Oxford, Bangor, Leicester, Trent, Westminster and Sheffield Hallam shortlisted for ‘Law Teacher of the Year 2016’

Frontrunners for the coveted prize recognised for their "exceptional teaching"

Feb 3 2016 11:37am

Is Inbetweeners star secret author of land law textbook?

"Land law? Completed it mate"

Dec 14 2015 3:16pm

‘X-Factorish bollocks’: Bar Council slammed for endorsing junior barrister’s ‘Never give up!’ blog

UCL legal academic and top QC lead criticism of regulator for sharing touching story

Dec 7 2015 10:13am

‘Jeoffrey’ commits multiple torts against Catelyn and Sansa in Game of Thrones-inspired law exam

Legal academics at Sheffield University in exam homage to hit show First year law students...

Jun 9 2015 12:42pm

King’s College law lecturer sues posh estate agents over ‘rip-off fees’

Former Clifford Chance solicitor and consumer and competition law specialist fuming over £600 bill for light fitting

Jun 8 2015 1:34pm