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Former Allen & Overy solicitor Chelsy Davy joins ‘hedonistic vibes’ DJ collective

Prince Harry's ex makes next move after quitting magic circle

May 29 2015 11:48am

Video of Allen & Overy partner reading hardcore porn out loud in Deidre Dare sexual harassment case placed on YouTube

A video of former Allen & Overy partner Tony Humphrey reading hard core porn out...

Aug 30 2013 8:57am

Fired Allen & Overy Lawyer-Turned-Sex Novelist Tells Of New Life in 2 Room Cabin Rented By The Night On Her Credit Card

Pursuing your dreams can come at a price. Deidre Dare (real name: Deidre Clark) used...

Jan 21 2013 10:58am

End Of The Day Round-Up

BPP Law School Bar Professional Training Course graduate suing Asda for £15K after its security...

Sep 28 2012 4:33pm

Allen & Overy Solicitor Says It’s OK To Lie On Your CV

Allen & Overy solicitor Sheila Fahy has unwittingly provided wannabe magic circle lawyers with an...

Jul 4 2012 10:22am

Five Things We Learned From The Lawyer Awards

The food (pictured below) was cold, the award presentations seemed to go on forever and...

Jun 27 2012 2:04pm

Can You Get Into a City Law Firm From An Ex-Poly?

Can you get into a City law firm from an ex-poly? And how much will...

May 18 2012 10:46am

Law Firms Which Sponsored Award Ceremony In Double Award Win Shocker

“Every single night of every single year the Grosvenor House hotel in London is filled...

May 15 2012 10:00am

Superbrands Top 500: A Worrying Signal For The Human Race

If I were to tell you that I like pizza slightly more than Cornwall, but...

Mar 20 2012 10:06am

Pro Bono Plunges Across The Magic Circle

As the slashing of the legal aid budget nears, it has become common to hear...

Feb 7 2012 11:01am

City Law Bonuses Reach £35K – but Brazilian lawyer earnings exceed UK counterparts

It’s often forgotten that City lawyers get bonuses. But a survey released today shows average...

Jan 19 2012 12:10am