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Bye bye, BCAT: Bar aptitude test to be ditched this month

No longer effective 'filter', says BSB

Jul 12 2022 8:23am

BSB ditches bar aptitude test

Regulator says entry exam no longer an effective filter of wannabe barristers who will likely fail the course

Apr 1 2022 9:52am

Don’t scrap the bar aptitude test, urges Bar Council. Up the pass mark instead

BSB mulls ditching entry exam after report found fewer than 1% of wannabe barristers fail to pass it

Oct 25 2021 9:17am

‘I Think The Person Who Wrote The Bar Aptitude Test Got The Answers Wrong’

Barrister-to-be Sodslaw sits the practice version of the new Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT) –...

Apr 10 2013 10:07am

Bar Course Aptitude Test Will Cost More Than Double What Wannabe Barristers Had Been Told To Expect

Barrister hopefuls had been told that the new Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT) would cost...

Feb 20 2013 9:08am

Bar Course Aptitude Test Delayed Yet Again

Legal Futures, 25 July 2012, on the introduction of the Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT):...

Nov 5 2012 5:51pm