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York Uni law students’ letter of protest at EU referendum exam question

Over 100 sign an open letter of complaint arguing referendum isn’t on the syllabus

May 19 2016 11:53am

Exam cock-up sees Bristol land law paper accidentally uploaded online and left there for SEVEN hours

Undergrads left angry as staff scramble to draft new paper in time for May exam

May 17 2016 10:07am

The life of a law student as seen through Snapchat: Exam season special

Factortame pain and judgments with pictures in

May 16 2016 10:45am

Law school exam horror stories will make you think Halloween’s come early

But can you guess which one’s a fake and can you top our list?

May 3 2016 9:48am

Law Revision #Pippatips

It’s exam time, and the legal blogosphere is awash with revision tip articles – rather...

Apr 16 2013 1:01pm

Bar Student Outrage As Mock Paper Questions Feature In BPTC Ethics Exam

Exclusive: 24 hours after BPTC students completed Monday’s centrally set ethics exam, a mock paper...

Mar 20 2013 9:32am

‘If The Firm Was a Person, How Would You Describe Them?

Now that he’s finished the GDL, David Woodall finally has some time to sample the...

Jun 25 2012 11:02am

GDL HELL: ‘With The Job Market The Way It Is, Passing Is Simply Not Good Enough’

The pressure is on as GDL exams near, but the more David Woodall reads, the...

May 10 2012 6:19am

Complain About The BSB At Your Peril, Bar Students – ‘Independent’ Complaints Body Is Chaired By BSB Member

A recent article, ‘EXCLUSIVE: BPTC Students Point Finger At Bar Standards Board Following ‘Disastrous’ And...

May 8 2012 7:28am

BREAKING NEWS: Fire Alarm LPC Students WON’T Be Required To Re-Sit Exam

Good news for LPC students at Liverpool John Moores University whose business law and practice...

Mar 2 2012 10:33am

EXCLUSIVE: BPTC Providers’ Wildly Differing Exam Lengths Provoke Unfairness Accusations

BPTC students are up in arms about the wildly differing lengths of exam times between...

Feb 28 2012 10:31am

EXCLUSIVE: Fire Alarm Causes LPC Exam To Be Abandoned Mid-Way Through

LPC students at Liverpool John Moores University are in limbo after a fire alarm went...

Feb 27 2012 9:37am

#RoundMyKitchenTable Exam Special: How Do You Revise And Apply For Jobs?

Taking a rare break from revising for his Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) exams, barrister-to-be...

Feb 17 2012 10:41am