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The rise and rise of Islamic finance law

What is Islamic finance? And why is it so great?

Feb 8 2016 12:07pm

The Defamation Act 2013: What is it and has it worked?

Nods to free speech, but has a detrimental impact on businesses

Feb 3 2016 1:50pm

Michael Gove is lampooned as he gives evidence about impact of proposed British Bill of Rights

He looked like a nervous first year giving a presentation in a public law tutorial

Feb 2 2016 2:09pm

To veil or not to veil?

Lord Neuberger says veils in criminal trials should be banned. Is he right?

Feb 2 2016 9:34am

Introducing the Legal Cheek Journal

Now it's your turn to write

Feb 1 2016 1:16pm

Policing the police — when does discretion become dangerous?

Excessive discretion runs counter to criminal justice goals

Jan 31 2016 6:38pm

Court of Appeal awaits as High Court blocks straight couple civil partnerships

Lawyers take to Twitter to vent their frustration

Jan 29 2016 1:20pm

Lawyers form united front against Supreme Court double-murderer decision backlash

Legal profession flexes its muscles, at the expense of freedom of speech

Jan 28 2016 2:01pm

We spoke to a top barrister about the effect of spiralling court fees on frontline legal practice

Hardwicke's Jasmine Murphy tells Katie King about behind-the-scenes attempts to keep the cases flowing

Jan 28 2016 9:52am

Court fees row reveals huge rift between government and judiciary

It’s the worst it’s ever been

Jan 26 2016 1:03pm

Psychoactive Substances Bill could become the worst piece of law in Britain

The notoriously awful Dangerous Dogs Act may soon have a rival

Jan 21 2016 11:57am

Man banned for life from going within four metres of a bike rack in legal first

Criminal Behaviour Orders inject scope for creativity in judges' sentencing

Jan 14 2016 4:19pm

Durham student rape acquittal sparks talk of criminal law reform

Should we bring back anonymity for accused rapists?

Jan 14 2016 12:33pm

Chelsea employ clever legal tactics in Eva Carneiro constructive dismissal case

Club's failure to file defence is a shrewd move

Dec 18 2015 12:38pm

Could Obama’s small step for space law be a giant leap for wannabe space solicitors?

Asteroid mining is now legal, potentially opening up a new work stream for corporate lawyers

Nov 27 2015 1:16pm

Beyoncé shakes up evidence and family law syllabuses

Lady Hale wants children to have a greater voice in court

Nov 25 2015 3:30pm