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Lord Neuberger’s top tips on how to be rude to judges, and get away with it

Lessons in subtle rudeness from the Supreme Court bigshot

Jun 28 2016 1:15pm

Lord Neuberger’s ‘plea’ for a university law syllabus shake up

“Greater prominence for ethics” proposals get the thumbs up from professors

Jun 17 2016 2:01pm

To veil or not to veil?

Lord Neuberger says veils in criminal trials should be banned. Is he right?

Feb 2 2016 9:34am

Supreme Court chief tells judges to be nice to each other in their judgments

Don't attack colleagues, urges Lord Neuberger

Dec 9 2015 10:11am

Science is harder than law, says Lord Neuberger

Head of Supreme Court reveals that he became a barrister after failing to cut it as a chemist

Nov 30 2015 1:51pm

Lord Neuberger: Top judges should visit non-traditional unis and encourage students to apply for training contracts

Exclusive: Head of Supreme Court wants to see judiciary out on campus but is against imposing diversity quotas

Oct 19 2015 9:58am

Judicial ‘Pepsi Challenge’ fails as law students are unable to identify judges’ gender from their anonymised rulings

Durham University law students’ attempt to tell the gender of a judge on the basis...

Jun 19 2013 8:37am

EXCLUSIVE: Executive committee of the UK Law Students Association quits after huge bust-up with governors

There is chaos at the UK Law Students Association (UKLSA) – whose patrons are Lord...

Mar 18 2013 2:33pm

Do As I Say Not As I Do Advocacy Training: Starring Lord Sumption

Last month we analysed the “smug smile” and poor posture which blight Lord Neuberger’s delivery...

Mar 14 2013 10:16am

Lord Neuberger Is Trending! UK’s Top Judge Ousts Justin Bieber As Twitter’s Hottest Topic After Voicing Legal Aid Concerns

It’s not often that you get a member of the legal profession outperforming Justin Bieber...

Mar 5 2013 10:21am

‘We Need Some More Girls In Here: There’s Too Many Man, Too Many Many Man’ In The UK Supreme Court

The news that the latest three appointments to the Supreme Court are all men means...

Feb 27 2013 10:27am

Lord Neuberger’s Judicial Assistant Lifts The Lid On Supreme Court Life

Amid the glow of the UK Supreme Court’s psychedelic carpets (the work of Sgt Pepper’s...

Jan 30 2013 1:17pm

What Supreme Court Justices Read In Their Spare Time…

Encouraging to see Private Eye making an appearance in the UK Supreme Court Justices’ library....

Jan 30 2013 10:04am

Pupillage Portal Gets The Year And The Day Wrong As Chambers Make Their Graduate Offers

There was widespread disbelief earlier this year when, for the first time in its three-year...

Aug 2 2012 2:40pm

Law Among The Jobs Most Likely To Lead To Weight Gain, Says New Survey

The sea of pot-bellies and teams of medics waiting nervously on stand-by at last month’s...

Jun 11 2012 1:34pm

Is The London Legal Walk The Shortest, Least Taxing Sponsored Walk In The History Of Sponsored Walks?

I know it’s great to raise money for worthy causes – and I’m personally very...

May 22 2012 8:21am

Could The Days of Lawyers Charging Clients For The Time They Spend Gossiping On Twitter Be Over?

During a brief spell working as a paralegal at Clyde & Co in 2006, I...

May 14 2012 1:23pm

Deadline Disbelief As Pupillage Portal DOESN’T Go Down

There is widespread shock among Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) students today after the Pupillage...

Apr 26 2012 12:07pm

‘I’m Worried Having a Blog Could Repel Chambers’

King’s College law student Yi Bin Woh reckons Lord Neuberger’s recent warning to judges about...

Mar 21 2012 10:34am

Lord Neuberger Slams Judges For Appearing on MasterChef

Never upstage the boss. And that rule applies double when your boss is Master of...

Mar 19 2012 11:23am