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It will cost you over £500 more to do the LPC this year than it would have done last year

2017/2018 price list shows fees up by as much as 11% at some universities

Mar 20 2017 1:38pm

Oxford trumps Cambridge in world law school rankings, again

Eight UK institutions land top 50 slots, a drop on last year's results

Mar 9 2017 11:00am

Continental campuses: study law in Paris, Madrid or Helsinki?

Not all with an eye-popping price tag (until Brexit anyway)

Mar 6 2017 9:43am

Law is the hardest degree to get a first in

You’re twice as likely to get top marks if you study medicine

Feb 20 2017 10:55am

Is my education in Colombia the reason I can’t get a training contract?

Graduating from a 'non-fancy' university is my biggest disadvantage

Feb 17 2017 10:34am

Student makes headlines after revealing he’s suffered racist abuse at Bristol law school

Russell Group university has launched an investigation

Jan 27 2017 12:27pm

‘I wonder why I am spending £9,000’: A growing grievance in university law schools

Are law degrees worth the money? Legal Cheek hears from some discontented students

Nov 15 2016 8:56am

ULaw head Stelios Platis stands down

New CEO will be the third the uni has had since it was bought last year

Oct 24 2016 1:23pm

14 things every law soc president will understand

I can’t believe I agreed to a whole year of this...

Oct 13 2016 8:57am

Legal Cheek’s favourite undergraduate law modules that you can actually, really study

Forget land law, strategic lawyering sounds much more fun

Oct 12 2016 8:56am

What else could you buy for the price of a law school textbook?

Subbing statute books for student staples

Oct 3 2016 8:58am

13 things every law student has secretly done

We know what you did last seminar

Sep 22 2016 9:07am

LLB v GDL: Which one is REALLY the best?

A law degree lover and loather pitch for their course -- Dragon’s Den style

Sep 21 2016 9:17am

Revealed: the UK university with the happiest law students

Exclusive: No, it’s not Oxford or Cambridge

Aug 25 2016 9:16am

Law student wheelchair user stands for first time in five years to collect his degree

He hasn’t been able to walk since a serious car crash in 2011

Jul 29 2016 11:36am