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11 things all law students will have experienced in their first term

That pack of highlighters you bought didn't last very long did it?

Dec 12 2017 9:08am

Law tutors reveal why they pick on students for answers

Cold-calling phenomenon is terrifying but well-intentioned

Nov 14 2017 9:04am

EU law academics seething after Tory MP requests access to Brexit lectures

He might regret it when they send over Factortame notes

Oct 25 2017 9:07am

Why I don’t think a law degree prepares you for a training contract

One LLB graduate reflects on the lessons his degree never taught him

Oct 11 2017 9:11am

7 types of law student you will meet in your first week of law school

From the Amal wannabe to the guy who obviously went through clearing

Oct 2 2017 9:31am

9am lectures should be scrapped

Research says students work better if they start later, but will law schools listen?

Sep 22 2017 9:09am

City solicitor turned East End teacher set to send 95% of pupils to Russell Group unis

Two students even went to White & Case’s Abu Dhabi office for work experience

Aug 16 2017 12:36pm

How to approach university Clearing

You can have a stress-free results day, says The University of Law’s Director of Admissions

Aug 16 2017 10:00am

Which uni should I choose for law: Durham, Warwick or QMUL?

The Legal Cheek team give their contrasting responses

Jul 10 2017 1:52pm

BSB delays release of BPTC ethics exam results after spotting ‘clerical errors’

Exclusive: All providers impacted as regulator conducts ‘further check on every paper’

Jul 7 2017 1:51pm

New law graduates earn less money than social studies, education and business studies graduates

£20,000 a year average makes it one of lowest salaries

Jun 29 2017 2:02pm

Revealed: The staggering differences behind universities’ LLB places

Exclusive: There are more law students at Liverpool than Oxford and Cambridge combined

Jun 29 2017 9:09am

Over a third of new law students are from ethnic minority backgrounds

Law far more ethnically diverse than other humanities-based subjects

Jun 9 2017 9:19am

Research: Law degrees are more reliant on EU funding than languages degrees

University law faculties receive millions of pounds a year from Europe -- will Brexit change this?

May 26 2017 10:34am

It’s easier to get a place on a law degree than a European languages, history or philosophy degree

Exclusive: Law is the eighth most competitive university course

May 18 2017 9:04am

The number of applications made to study law this year has increased more than any other course

Exclusive: Most university subjects reporting a drop

May 12 2017 9:09am

Legal aid in, tuition fees out: Labour’s leaked manifesto

Jeremy Corbyn promises the world

May 11 2017 1:29pm

15 things that will absolutely, definitely happen in your law school exams this summer

Will you be the one to get your statute book confiscated?

May 10 2017 9:13am