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Nov 24 2017 10:34am

‘A+ trolling’: Oxford University Law School makes Vote Leave jibe in official exam report

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Nov 20 2017 12:55pm

Unconscious bias? Oxford SU urges law faculty to ban its ‘damaging’ gowns policy during moots

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Oxford law grad sues Jesus College for loss of earnings after being ‘denied reasonable adjustments’ in her exams

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Aug 9 2017 9:57am

The Oxford University gown debate, from a law student’s perspective

Is wearing different gowns depending on your grades morally wrong?

Jun 30 2017 9:06am

Simpson Millar paralegal with endometriosis asks public to help fund her Oxford BCL course so she can become a barrister

‘There are not many people who make it to the bar as a disabled person’

May 12 2017 1:27pm

Research: Oxford graduates top law school earnings power table, pocketing £61,500

Government data reveals vast pay gap among LLB holders

Dec 16 2016 11:20am