EU Law

GDPR vs. Freemium: why social media giants are winning

Aberdeen law student Iakov Shuvalov assesses GDPR's effectiveness in 'freemium' models, where 'free' services may compromise privacy

Jul 10 2024 8:37am

We need to give greater attention to positive obligations under human rights law

Such European rights should be taught and embraced more widely to uplift society's most vulnerable, argues aspiring barrister Jordan Briggs

Mar 10 2022 12:50pm

GDPR: 1 year on

University of Edinburgh law student Nicole Pitches examines its impact over the past 12 months

Jun 28 2019 1:04pm

A lawyer’s guide to advising clients in the event of a no deal Brexit

The sudden legal severance of UK law from EU law presents unique issues of interpretation for lawyers, whose task it will be to interpret and apply these rules in their new legal context, says Hogan Lovells’ Andrew Eaton

Jan 29 2019 2:57pm

Supreme Court to consider Scotland’s EU exit legislation

Norton Rose Fulbright's senior knowledge lawyer Andrew Sheftel explains why

Jul 23 2018 10:56am

GDPR: Good for social media users, bad for business

The EU regulations may not be the change the world of data protection actually needed, says law graduate Chloe Amies in her shortlisted entry to the BARBRI International Privacy Law Blogging Prize

Jun 26 2018 11:22am

Brexit: Are we going to run out of time?

Politicians and academics grapple with Article 50 two-year deadline

Mar 26 2018 1:12pm

How Brexit became its own practice area

Lawyers can now capitalise on a word that didn’t even exist a few years ago

Oct 18 2017 2:05pm

What will Brexit mean for the energy sector?

It looks like Brexit means departure from the European common nuclear market too

Mar 6 2017 1:17pm

Brexit: UK ratification of the Unified Patent Court Agreement soon seems politically unrealistic, says expert

The team explain why UK government is unlikely to ratify the agreement in the near future -- despite pressure to do so

Jul 25 2016 10:13am

The principle of subsidiarity in EU law, and who is supposed to police it

Is it the job of politicians, judges, or both?

Jul 5 2016 1:09pm

Could new EU legislation spell the end for vaping?

Vapers hold their breath as EU finalises onslaught on e-cigarette industry

Apr 20 2016 9:49am

The MM case: Long distance couples challenge the ‘anti-love law’

Supreme Court ruling could lead to an influx of immigration

Feb 24 2016 10:31am