!Mitchell Bingo!


To celebrate the Mitchell judgment* Wigapedia has created a special commemorative bingo card.

The Something Must Be Done Act 2014


Lawyer and blogger David Allen Green has had enough of tiresome legislation and meddlesome courts... Government and parliament waste too much time passing legislation. Last year there were 31 public acts of parliament and nearly 3,000 statutory instruments. Whitehall and Westminster would be better employed doing other things. And all this statutory output is subject to the... Read more »

Fighting The ‘Facebook Mentality’: Why Barristers Should Be Proud Of Their Refusal To ‘Share’ Diversity Data

I see barristers' refusal to embrace diversity monitoring has been described as "embarrassing" and "pathetic". What nonsense, writes pupil barrister-to-be OccupyTheInns. There is absolutely nothing embarrassing or pathetic about declining to disclose highly personal data about oneself. In fact, I regard the Bar’s stance on this matter as something of which to be proud. Unlike... Read more »